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The Easiest Way To Get High Quality, Affordable Leads
Without Paying for a Facebook Ads Manager

Calling all online course creators, online coaches and online membership owners

If there was a blueprint that put the power of Facebook Ads into your hands, making high-quality, affordable lead generation as simple as following a proven path…

Would you finally feel ready to take control of your
course's future?


Lacey Cribb

Personal Launch Coach
+ Tech Expert
“I wanted to run ads for my upcoming launch event so I enrolled in Lead Gen Cheat Code. I thought lead costs for my niche would be $20-30/lead. During the course, I was able to get my ads up and running in just a few days. Lead cost? I am averaging $12/lead right now and trending down!

Quayjo’s training gives you a step-by-step approach that is easy to follow without any of the fluff. Bonus: he teaches you how to creatively target & test audiences all in the name of keeping your lead costs low.”

Tired of the Lead Generation Rollercoaster? Online Course Creators, It’s Time to Break Free.

You know the drill. You pour your heart into your courses, crafting each lesson with care, only to hear the deafening silence of an empty email list. Your dreams don’t deserve the ghost town treatment.

Are you watching your precious hours and dollars vanish into the Facebook abyss,
with nothing but random 'likes' to show for it?

Maybe you’ve hit the wall trying to make sense of ad funnels that seem more like mazes. Or perhaps you’ve wished on every star for a way to decode the analytics riddles that Facebook throws your way.

You’ve seen the promises before, the “magic bullets” that claim to solve all your lead woes. Yet, here you are, still waiting for that reliable stream of eager learners ready to invest in what you’ve created.

Enough with the Band-Aid Solutions. You Need a Lead Lifeline.

Imagine if you could...


high-quality leads who aren't just interested but eager to enroll in your courses.


your ad spending from a dreaded chore into a thrilling investment in your business's growth.


the guesswork and tap into a proven system that's as straightforward as your passion for teaching.

If you’re an online course creator still on the rise to $150,000 revenue years, and need to grow your email list (like yesterday already) so you can sell more of your courses, I’ve got good news for you…

As a Facebook Ads manager, I’ve distilled my three years of experience into a Facebook ads lead gen course that gives you the same steps I follow when setting up ads to grow my clients’ email lists.

"Kwadwo has truly been my secret weapon as my FB ads coach. He helped me set up my ad campaigns, understand the results and how to optimise both my ad results and my funnels, even when my budgets were excruciatingly low.

My business is growing and I could not have got where I am without Kwdawo's brilliant and patient help. Thank you Kwadwo!"

Kim Reynolds
The Patchwork Shop
"I took the Lead Gen Cheat Code Facebook ads course from Kwadwo recently, and let me tell you, it has absolutely changed my game as far as how I get leads into the top of my funnel and convert them into paying customers.

I used to really struggle with Facebook and think it was some sorcery you needed to know. But Kwadwo really helped me break things down in a simple, straightforward way, and he can do the exact same thing for you."
Steven Foust
NCOs On Fire

A Facebook Ads Lead Generation Course

Introducing the Lead Gen Cheat Code.


Follow my step-by-step blueprint to use Facebook ads to confidently reduce your lead costs and double your leads like a Facebook ads expert.

Unlock The Cheat Code if You Want to Get High Quality Leads for Your Business at the Lowest Lead Cost Possible

Unlock The Cheat Code if You Want to Get High Quality Leads for Your Business
at the Lowest Lead Cost Possible


Lizette Cloette

Founder & CEO
CRNA School Prep Academy
"Have you ever struggled to try to figure out your Facebook ads? Well, I slipped into a big problem because I wasn't quite ready to run Facebook ads, but then accidentally started running some Facebook ads. And then I realized I didn't know what I was doing and I really needed some help before I just got myself into tremendous trouble.

So what I needed help with was being able to set up the Facebook ads, knowing what numbers to actually pay attention to, not to get too bent out of shape related to some of the metrics and which ones were important. And what I got from the lead generation code course that I purchased from Kwadwo was way more than what I had anticipated to get."


Cut lead costs.
Grow your email list!

Create a low cost offer.
Make some ad money back!

You’ve put so much of your time, heart and soul
into creating your course.

If we’re being honest (and we are)… You’re not quite ready to hire an ads manager.

But Your Business Needs Leads Now

(Because how else would it grow?)

And I believe you were meant to serve more people!

You’ve got two options to grow your email list:

Imagine doubling, or even tripling, your email list on your own, using the exact strategies I use for my Facebook ads clients. Intrigued?

That's precisely why you should join this Facebook Ads Course:
The Lead Gen Cheat Code!

The Price Tag? A No-Brainer

$297 $57

Limited time only!

Yup, you read that right! Imagine all the money you’ll make back as you cut your lead costs and grow your email list. Not to mention how many more sales that would bring your business!

Terms & Conditions

••This approach isn’t designed for a specific skill level. Rather, it’s aimed at achieving the following outcome: Follow my step-by-step strategy for setting up lead generation ads, and experience the satisfaction of seeing your lead costs drop!

••All sales are final. Because I’m giving you the exact steps I use to reduce lead costs (CPLs), build Welcome Offers (a.k.a. tripwires), and optimize funnels for my clients, there will be no refunds. If you follow the steps, then your results will improve compared to what they were before you applied my system.

Click the button below and secure your spot in the laser-focused Facebook Ads lead gen course designed exactly for course creators on the rise like YOU.


"I'm Oscar from Mexico. And I want to tell you that I was looking for a way of having a better result with my Facebook ads. I've been running Facebook ads for a lot of years, but I'm always confused about how to improve them. When I joined the Lead Gen Cheat Code course, well, there's a lot of courses out there. But I really chose this one because I heard Kwadwo teaching on the podcast. I like the course a lot, and I am really happy. It makes my life a lot easier with segmentation and with lessons on how to target my Facebook ads. I invite you to go through the course and to do whatever Kwadwo teaches you."
Oscar Vega
Better at Beach Volleyball
"I'm very excited to be learning in Kwadwo’s course about how to set Facebook ads up for lead generation. I'm learning so much about how to get started, especially with setting up different ad sets and comparing and contrasting different images and the copy and narrowing that down to what's going to get you the best cost per lead. Very exciting stuff. And Kwadwo's teaching style is very thorough, very humanistic. And you definitely will learn a lot from him, being an apprentice of Rick Mulready. You can't get any better than that."

Patrick Martin
The Mental Health Toolbox

You're not here to play the game; you're here to win it.
This course is your cheat code.

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Ready to make a choice that your future self will thank you for?

See you on the inside.