How a Celebrity Stylist Scaled Her Business Online with Trish Taylor

I’m so excited to be bringing you this interview today with Trish Taylor, who is part of our Accelerator group training program. Trish is a personal stylist who helps female entrepreneurs dress for the life they want, to dress the body they have right now and to love what they’re seeing in the mirror. My team and I have been watching Trish evolve so much in just the past 6 weeks because just a short time ago she really wasn’t clear about who she was really meant to serve.

You’re going to hear the ways Trish has gotten clarity on who her ideal target audience is, and how she’s now created an online course that’s helped her narrow her focus even more.

Trish breaks down what this $497 course looks like, her funnel for the launch and how she’s just started running Facebook ads to promote it. At the time of recording, it’s too early to tell how her ad campaigns did, but she promises to come back on and update listeners on the results!

Trish has some big plans for her business, and this course is the first step for her to connect deeper with the people she’s really passionate about serving. I think what she teaches lends itself very well for courses, webinars, challenges and paid advertising, which is why I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for Trish.

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On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • Why Trish would like to move away from 1-on-1 coaching, and how she plans to do this
  • How she’s using a quiz and a challenge launch – but why I feel she shouldn’t count out using webinars
  • The metrics she should be paying attention to when she evaluates the results of her Facebook ad campaigns
  • My recommendations for how to follow-up with people who didn’t purchase the course
  • An “asset” that Trish can leverage to sell her course and future products
  • What she can do to keep prospects warm while she’s in the prelaunch phase
  • Ideas for content she can create to attract the right audience, including a way to get introduced to other people’s audiences (and serve them too)

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