Hi, I’m [QUĀY.jo]

I’ll manage your ads and fix your funnels so you can get more clients.

I’ll manage your ads and fix your funnels so you can get more clients.

Kwadwo – sounds like [QUĀY.jo] – is a Facebook ads strategist for established online course creators and coaches. But unlike most ads managers, in addition to bringing in quality leads, he specializes in fixing funnels and giving business strategy so his clients can work less, make more and enjoy the life they were meant to live.

Since January 2020 Kwadwo has resided in Mexico with his wife and two kids after an ill timed vacation ended his 12 years of living in China. He speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese, decent Spanish and believes everyone should experience traveling abroad and engaging with other cultures.

Are we a match to work together?

I help course creators and coaches create more revenue AND more profit in their online business.

You can leverage my 3 years of Facebook ads management, sales & leads funnel fixing and online business strategy experience.
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"The work that Kwadwo does to research and then test various copy, images, etc is invaluable. Plus, he can do it so much faster than me since he knows the system. Every time I get an email that tells me my ads has been approved, I breath a sigh of relief.

Even if I drag my feet, he is kind to me, which is the right approach for me personally. I'm happy to have him supporting me in my coaching practice."

Amber Haider
Amber Haider Coaching
"Kwadwo helped me zoom out to look at what we had going on in the business, he also helped me understand where I needed to place more focus and where I needed to pull back and shift my focus. Kwadwo was kind, respectful and insightful when discussing sensitive issues and pain points within the business. He left me feeling reassured and confident that I, as a CEO, would be able to get past this hurdle and keep growing and scaling our company.

I am very grateful for the guidance our company received! Thank you Kwadwo!"

Jenny Finnell MSN
CRNA Founder and CEO of CRNA School Prep Academy
"Kwadwo breaks down the process for creating and fine tuning our ads. He also assures that our answers get answer first then proceeds to give extremely helpful advice/ideas for how to better our current ads!

The best part about working with Kwadwo has honestly been his knowledge of the platform and ability to explain how "something" works. Audiences, budget optimizations, and so much more to truly make me feel in charge of my own Ads Manager!"
Chad Mercado
Better at Beach Volleyball
“Kwadwo helped me get clear on where I should be focusing my energy & time, and kept me accountable to follow through. I enjoyed working with Kwadwo because it allowed me to see things in my business from a different perspective , as it's easy to get wrapped up in your own negative thinking and let that spiral down to you actions.

It was helpful to have someone to bounce ideas off of and help me with major decisions in my business.”

Sabrina Magnan
Sabrina Magnan Health