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The Goal

Podcast listeners finish your episode…

  1. motivated to go further, faster and higher in online business because of your stories, how you overcame online business challenges and your successes.

  2. exposed to new online business strategies because you dropped tactical online business fire while sharing your stories, successes and online business challenges.

    OR because you’re specifically sharing knowledge in the form of a mini training or coaching me on your subject matter expertise.
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"Before working with Kwado, I was spending WAY too much on my FB ads for my launches. Kwadwo not only helped bring down my cost per lead, but helped me to understand my overall ad campaign in a way that helped me feel more confident and empowered. I no longer felt like I was just throwing money at ads, hoping for the resultIns I wanted.

Instead, Kwadwo helped me to strategically test and experiment with my ads as part of an overall launch strategy. I'm looking forward to continue to work with Kwadwo to build my list and increase revenue outside of launches!"

Dr. Lori Friesen
Creator of R.E.A.D.Y. for School Academy
"I was so excited to work with Kwadwo because he came highly recommended and I really needed somebody who was an expert in both Facebook Ads and Google Analytics.

Kwadwo did an amazing job with me and talked me through all of the steps with everything I've completed so far, the gaps of the things that I was missing and how to complete that setup in a really efficient time, which gave me so much confidence in knowing it was going to be correct. And then he guided me through how to make sure that was connected with Facebook, how I could pull the different reports in Google Analytics 4 to be able to really now accurately measure every single ad campaign, every single ad set result, and every single ad result too."
Mim Jenkinson
Digital Products Expert, Host of The Planner Podcast
"Kwadwo has truly been my secret weapon as my FB ads coach. He took time to truly understand my business and what I wanted to achieve and helped me put my launch plans in place for the year. We then met weekly (virtually via Zoom as I'm in the UK) when he helped me set up my ad campaigns, understand the results and how to optimise both my ad results and my funnels, even when my budgets were excruciatingly low.

My business is growing and I could not have got where I am without Kwdawo's brilliant and patient help. Thank you Kwadwo!"

Kim Reynolds
CRNA Founder and CEO of CRNA School Prep Academy
What I liked most about working with Kwadwo was he was always polite and patient with me. No question was ever silly. The time that he took in going through things with me and explaining things was just always the same, it's rock solid.

The other thing I really liked about him was that he would think about solutions that would work for my business and my audience. It's not like he would come up with some sort of cookie cutter solution that he applied to everybody's online businesses, but he would actually tailor things to my business. And I really appreciated the thoughtfulness and the depth in which he would go to, to think about my audience and what was particular to them. I couldn't recommend him highly enough. "
Judy Woods
Intuitive Abstract Artist