How She Did It: 2 Kids And a Multi-Six Figure Online Business w/ Kaity Griffin

My guest on the show today calls herself one of my star students, and I definitely agree! Kaity Griffin successfully scaled an e-commerce business using Google Ads.   That’s when she realized she was more passionate about the Google Ads side of the business, which she says engaged both the creative and data-driven sides of her brain.  

Kaity sold her e-commerce business and moved to a well-known Google Ads agency in Melbourne, Australia.  After her second child was born, she realized she had a desire to start her own business. Fast forward to today, and she is now an expert in Google AdWords and has built a multiple six-figure business in a short amount of time, all while having two kids under five.  

Kaity runs a successful Google AdWords agency and has launched her course teaching Google Ads.  She is a “mum” who is very protective of her time and only works three days a week so she can be fully present with her kids.  Kaity reveals her big WHY (her family), which is the filter for everything she does in her business. I think many of you will relate to Kaity’s story, where she dives into how she has created a successful, streamlined business that she loves.  

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On Today’s Show You’ll Learn About: 

  • How Kaity started a business at an early age 
  • Determining if you’re ready to jump from agency work to starting your own business
  • Realizing that the perfect time to build your course is now
  • Taking the hybrid approach to course creation
  • Using a simple strategy to grow your email list quickly
  • Structuring your day and week to balance work and family life
  • Prioritizing your marriage while focusing on your business
  • Shifting your mindset while working through a crisis
  • Dealing with the struggles of having family and friends misjudge you 
  • Doubling down on what’s working in your business 

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