#194: 4 Must-Have Custom Audiences for Your Facebook Ads Strategy

On today’s show I’ll be sharing with you 4 must have custom audiences that you should absolutely be using in your Facebook ads arsenal to market your business on Facebook.

We’ll be getting into things like how I specifically define custom audiences and where they fit into your Facebook ads strategy.

We’ll talk about how to strategically use them to do things like increase engagement, grow your email list, get more customers and sales and increase the lifetime value of your customer.

I also have some tips and tactics for getting better results with your custom audiences, so you’ll have plenty of things to test out and try right away in your business after listening to this episode!

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On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • The real power of Facebook advertising and the role that using custom audiences plays in maximizing your results on the platform
  • How I met my wife, what it has in common with custom audiences and why this applies to your business
  • What business is really about (hint: it’s not just about “likes” and “shares”)
  • A basic step that a lot of people are skipping before even starting to use custom audiences
  • Why you should be spending money to target people who are already on your email list
  • What to consider in order to stay within Facebook custom audience and privacy policies
  • How to target visitors to your website in different ways and why it’s a good idea to be tracking the customer journey
  • Ways to use Facebook Messenger to re-target and where we like to use this strategy in our business
  • Facebook video strategies, a bonus strategy for people doing e-commerce, the next steps to take and more!

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