From Zero to 5-Figures/Month with Sarah Young

Joining me today on the podcast is a return guest, Sarah Young. Sarah is the founder of, where she creates DIY graphic design templates for online entrepreneurs, and she is actually a new member of my Accelerator mastermind group, starting this July.

I asked Sarah to come back on the show because her business has really evolved over the past 14 months since she was last here. She’s now doing multiple 5-figures a month in her business, while only spending a couple of thousand dollars on Facebook and Instagram ads each month.

As you’ll hear, it’s really just Sarah working in the business at this point in time, and she’s handling everything from the ads management to customer service. This has been a challenge and she talks about her plans to get support, as well as more systems in place, to scale her business going forward.

In this episode, Sarah dives into how she’s built her business, from first launching on Etsy to validate the business to the mistakes she made getting while it off the ground.

We also look at the tactical stuff, like why it took her 6 months to build out her sales funnel, how she’s set her ad campaigns up and the way she’s optimized her paid ads.

Sarah also reveals how she’s getting an amazing 60% conversion rate of sales from cold traffic, what’s held her back from scaling her current ad spend, and a whole lot more.

We really break down Sarah’s business today, including what’s working really well for her and what she can tweak and improve on to scale things in the near future, so I think wherever you are in your business you can get valuable insight from what she has to say today.

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On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • How Sarah learned that offering too many options to your customers isn’t a good thing
  • Her ad strategy for targeting cold traffic and the way that she uses upsells to generate more revenue
  • What her nurture sequence looks like and a complete breakdown of her current sales funnel
  • The way she does beta testing of new products with previous customers who have purchased from her
  • How Sarah is using 30-second video ads to get more sales
  • The average daily budget for her ads and the objective she’s using with her Facebook advertising
  • Exciting partnerships Sarah has in the works and her plans that will allow her to spend more time with her husband and young son
  • Something I feel she needs to let go of in order to get to the next level in business (hint: it’s something I’ve struggled with myself as a business owner!)

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Episode #192: Strategy Sessions: Reaching Target Customers, Creating Offers & Leveraging Content with Sarah Young *free sample template kit  

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