Strategy Session: 90-Day Biz Building Plan w/ Lisa Richey

For today’s show I wanted to do something a bit different and take you behind the scenes of a hot seat that one of my Accelerator Mastermind members did during our recent live retreat in San Diego. She won’t be appearing on this episode with me, but you’ll be hearing a breakdown of what was covered during the hot seat, along my recommendations and key takeaways for her.

Lisa Richey is the founder of Manners To Go, which teaches children the proper manners and etiquette they need to succeed in life. Lisa currently offers a curriculum for teachers and schools, as well as a certification program. 

At this time the certification and licensing side of her business is doing really well, so she wanted to focus her hot seat on the education side of things. We helped Lisa map out a strategy for the next quarter to really get the ball rolling by building her email list and generating more sales of her curriculum bundles.

As you’ll hear in this episode, Lisa walked away from the hot seat with a very detailed strategy, and a step-by-step process for what she needs to focus on over the next 90 days, and beyond. This is really a discussion about what you should (and shouldn’t) be spending your valuable time on, along with practical strategies that you too can use for your next launch! 

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On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • Lisa’s past experiences running ads and a common mistake she made that affected her results
  • What to make sure of when you’re defining your target audiences
  • How to start growing your email list, and the three things to remember when creating your lead magnet
  • A strategy I recommend she use for running her Facebook and Instagram ads, and why I believe Pinterest needs to be part of her organic and paid strategy
  • How a solid strategy using video can do more than just help Lisa gain awareness
  • Why launching with a live webinar, and optimizing it first, is important to do before even considering moving to an evergreen one
  • A launch checklist that you can use for your next launch, plus what to focus on and what can be left until later in the process
  • The most important emails to focus on (and this may surprise you…)

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