#127: How to Ensure Your Paid Traffic & Business is Protected Legally

Today we’re talking about a topic that doesn’t get discussed a whole lot but is UBER important to get a handle on…

…the importance of the legal side of paid traffic and running your business.

And to share her expertise on the topic is my friend Annette Stepanian, an attorney who specializes in working with entrepreneurs.

I asked her to come on to the show because this is one of those topics that not a lot of people talk about yet is so important to know as an entrepreneur, a business owner, someone who creates programs or products, if you run paid traffic like Facebook ads, etc…

It’s not the sexiest of topics, I realize, but too often the importance of it pops up when it\’s too late and you\’re in a bind.

So that’s my goal here for you today — to educate and share the types of things you should be thinking about in your paid traffic and running a business.

On Today’s Show You’ll Learn:

  • The critical “legal” things you need to think about when you’re running paid traffic.  And, for example, why just abiding by Facebook’s ad policies isn’t enough.
  • How NOT to use testimonials in your business (if you do use them this way, you can get into legal trouble).
  • What the difference is between a Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, why you need them and where to get them
  • The difference between trademarking and copywriting and how they can benefit you with your business, products, and programs, etc…
  • Annette breaks down the differences between being a Sole proprietor, an LLC, and a Corporation, and the pros and cons of each for your business structure.
  • And, we also dive into the TOP questions you should ask before hiring a lawyer.

And a whole lot more…

Super important episode here talking about this stuff.

Links & Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Get help, learn more, and find contract templates over on Annette’s site: annettestepanian.com

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