Are Facebook/Instagram Ads Still Working?

Are Facebook ads working for anyone right now?

Recently, a member of our Facebook group asked this question, so I am assuming a lot of you have the same one. Am I right about this?

If you have been asking yourself this or if you have been asking others this, it’s a super legitimate question, and you’re definitely not alone in it!

In this episode, I am answering this question for you, and I think you’re going to want the answer to this whether you’ve been running ads in your business or not.

On Today’s Show You’ll Learn: 

  • The delay in reporting from Facebook
  • Why you should compare the stats in ad manager to your own funnel software
  • The discrepancy that you see in stats is nothing new
  • What’s working to get results from an ads perspective
  • Why you need a strategy for your ads
  • Tips for setting up your ads
  • Why you should diversify your traffic

Remember, you need to be patient with your ads and willing to test the process. There are so many things that we are doing now that we never would have done a few years ago, so keep that in mind too. It’s important that you are willing to try new things with your ads!

A lot of people’s ads haven’t performed well this year, BUT I do have a lot of Accelerator members who are actually getting pretty good results with their ads. If you are someone who wants more traffic and your ad strategy isn’t bringing that in right now, it’s always a good idea to think about diversifying your traffic while you test!

If you are someone that wants help figuring out ads or wants to talk to someone about strategy, send me a message over on Instagram @rickmulready.

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