Case Study: Easy + Fun = Brandi’s BIGGEST Launch Ever

Do you dream about your perfect launch? It’s low stress, goes smoothly, AND brings in the big bucks?

Today I’m joined by Brandi Mowles, and we’re breaking down the first time that she ever did a launch using the Optimized Launch Method. And guess what?… it was a $201,000 launch! 

In today’s episode you’re going to hear why Brandi loves this type of launch. It’s because she gets quick results, can rinse and repeat it, and she can do it live and interact with people going through it. 

My special guest today is Brandi Mowles who is a wife, mama, educator, digital marketer and total taco snob. She runs her life and business using her 3 favorite S words. Simplicity, Systems and Scale. In less than two years Brandi generated over 1 million dollars in revenue for her own business and over 3.5 million for her clients. She believes in relationships over revenue and believes we can all create our own success on our own terms.

On Today’s Show You’ll Learn: 

  • The importance of having rhythm in your business and home life
  • How Brandi’s offers have evolved over the last year 
  • How Brandi creates webinars that convert at 17-25%
  • The value of surveying your audience 
  • Why Brandi loves launching
  • Brandi’s favorite things about the Optimized Launch Method
  • What to put into your launch to add value for your consumer 
  • What the launch process looks like behind the scenes 

I might not be able to promise conversions as high as Brandi’s, but I can get her on the podcast to teach you guys how she did it! 

If you want to keep learning, I have a brand new five-day live training series coming up to teach you the Optimized Launch Method that we’re discussing in this episode. By the end of this free live training series, you will have a complete plan for using it in your business right now with no extra effort. 

If you’re looking for a simple, repeatable, low-stress launching option that is super effective, then this training series is for you. It kicks off on November 16th and you can get registered at

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