How to Ensure your Ad Campaign is Profitable (Everytime) with Tom Breeze

Joining me on the show today is my buddy (and brilliant YouTube ads wizard!), Tom Breeze. Tom runs a U.K.-based YouTube ads agency that works with some huge brands and online influencers, and if his name sounds familiar, it’s because this is actually the fourth time he has been a guest on the podcast.

Tom’s not here to talk about YouTube ads today though, although we do touch on it a bit at the beginning of the episode. What we’re really going to dive into is answering a question that I get asked all the time: How much should I be spending on my ad campaign?

He’s going to break this down by getting into all of the stats that we should be keeping an eye on if we want to be running successful ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and the other online platforms that exist.

By the end of this episode, you’re even going to have an equation for calculating your exact cost for acquiring a customer, which then tells you exactly how much you can be spending per lead. Not only has Tom created a framework for calculating this figure, but he also bakes in the profit margin to be shooting for.

This is an interview that got me so pumped, and I can’t wait to share it with you. Full disclosure, it is a bit heavy on the math, so I’ve if you’re a visual person like me, I’ve put together a PDF download for you to accompany the episode. This resource outlines the calculation that Tom shares today, and you can download it at

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On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • Why diversification of traffic is so important and strategies for doing this
  • The different types of offers that work best with YouTube ads versus Facebook ads
  • The numbers you should be watching very carefully in order to have a successful campaign
  • Revenue – Cost = Profit isn’t ideal (and the formula to use instead to start looking at profit differently)
  • How you can improve your revenue per lead and why this can help save you from comparing yourself with the competition
  • A case study of how he lowered a client’s lead cost from $9.33 to $4.44 while lowering the view rate and increasing the clickthrough rate of the campaign
  • The 5 key pages to have in a funnel and what Tom is tracking throughout it
  • How he is achieving an amazing 60-80% show up rate for evergreen funnels on YouTube
  • The recommended time it’ll take to evaluate the numbers in your funnel in order to start making tweaks and modifications

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