Celebrating YOUR Wins & Breakthroughs: Episode 500!

Can you believe it? We have made it to episode 500, and it is all because of you, my friend!

I thought long and hard about how to celebrate episode 500, and I decided to use this milestone episode to celebrate all of you

I love recording every episode and hearing how the topics and conversations help transform the businesses and the lives of so many, so this episode means so much to me.

Throughout the episode, 15 people are sharing the wins, breakthroughs, and lessons that they have had as a result of listening to the Art of Online Business podcast. I have included all of their information as well as what they have gained from listening below. I encourage you to check out their businesses and connect with them!

My goal has always been and continues to be helping you optimize and grow your online business so that you can have more freedom, more revenue, and a bigger impact while working less! I can’t wait to continue doing that throughout the next 500 episodes! Thank you again, my friend, for being here!

Jim Hart

Jim is the founder of Hawthorn Law. He is an Online Business Lawyer, Entrepreneur, and YouTuber where he helps online entrepreneurs get their legal house in order so that they can focus on building amazing businesses.

His lesson from listening to the show is to always be testing and never get discouraged!

Jim is offering a free Legal Audit to all my listeners! Visit www.hawthornlaw.net/rick.

He also joined me in episode 451. You can listen to that here: rickmulready.com/451

Jaime Sears

Jamie Sears is the Founder and CEO of the Not So Wimpy Teacher. A former third-grade teacher, she now runs a multi-million dollar company creating curriculum and resources for elementary educators. Jamie delivers high-quality professional development to teachers through her Facebook groups, YouTube Channel, and Writing Masterclass. She is also the host of the Not So Wimpy Entrepreneur podcast where she helps other teacher-entrepreneurs scale their businesses while working fewer hours.

Jamie’s lesson from listening to the show is deciding how to hire and also using the time audit exercise!

You can find Jamie at  https://www.notsowimpyteacher.com.

Jamie also joined me in episodes 281 and 289. You can listen to those here: rickmulready.com/281 and rickmulready.com/289!

Bree Noble

Bree is the founder of ProfitableMusciscian.com where she uses her extensive experience as a musician, online marketer, and business owner to create several educational programs for musicians including The Female Musician Academy and Rock Your Next Release.

Bree helped leverage people and resources she already had on her team to streamline her business and remove herself as the bottleneck as a result of listening to the show!

You can learn more about Bree at www.profitablemusician.com.

Christie Wright Wild

Christie Wright Wild helps beginning to intermediate entrepreneurs get started with Facebook ads with her unique service that other ads agencies don\’t offer: DONE-WITH-YOU services. She also manages webinar and challenge launch campaigns for a fraction of the cost of a full-service agency.

As a result of listening to the podcast, Christie learned about Facebook ads and was able to leverage what she learned to her advantage!

You can learn more about Christie’s ad services at www.getadsresults.com or more about her and her many other passions and ventures at www.christiewrightwild.com, www.writerswhorun.com, and www.readthenextbook.com.

Kerry Egeler

Kerry Egeler is an online entrepreneur and founder of Shirt School, an online course and community that helps online T-shirt and apparel sellers grow and scale their businesses.

As a result of listening to the podcast, Kerry learned something major about mindset: expect to win and get bigger results from launches.

You can learn more about Kerry’s business at www.shirtschool.com

Sabrina Magnan

Sabrina is a Health and Habit Coach who helps busy professionals learn how to live a healthy lifestyle through sustainable habit building.

The Art of Online Business Podcast gave Sabrina the bravery and confidence to hire!

Learn more about Sabrina and her coaching at www.sabrinamagnan.com/coaching!

Ashley Shaw

Ashley helps eliminate the overwhelm through DFY (done for you) marketing templates so you can build the authentic business of your dreams.

Ashley’s business shifted when she vocalized her goals and committed to them. She was encouraged to make this breakthrough through the Accelerator coaching program and listening to the podcast!

Learn more about Ashley at https://ashleyshaw.ca.

Ashley also joined me on the podcast in episode 272! You can listen to that episode at rickmulready.com/272.

Kerrie Fitzgerald

Kerrie is a product-based business coach and marketing strategist who helps e-commerce and subscription box businesses skyrocket their sales and create their customer superfans, relying 100% on organic marketing and zero ad spend.

Kerrie is celebrating learning the importance of selling before creating a course which is something I talk about all the time on the show!

Learn more about Kerrie and her business at www.kerriefitzgerald.com.

Karin Carr

Karin Carr is a sought-after speaker on video marketing for real estate agents. A 15 year veteran of the real estate industry, she was named Real Estate Video Influencer of the Year in 2019 by Bombbomb. The success of her YouTube channel led her to begin training other agents on how to have similar results, and in July of 2018, her coaching program, YouTube for Agents, was born.

Karin is celebrating her mindset shift which is to stop arguing for her limitations! This is something that Karin and I talked about together, and it has helped her not only meet but exceed her goals.

Learn more about Karin and her business at https://karincarr.com.

Karin also joined me in episode 494. You can listen to that episode at rickmulready.com/494.

Valerie Trumbower

Valerie is a Postpartum Doula & Certified Lactation Counselor who is the creator of New Parents Academy where she helps families prepare for life with their newborns!

As a result of listening to the podcast and joining the Accelerator coaching program, Valerie has created a business, built relationships, and created more sales

You can learn more about Valerie at www.newparentsacademy.com.

Laura Peters

Laura is the owner and author of Mike & Laura Travel which is a blog dedicated to helping others work smarter and travel more. As SEO experts, Laura and her husband Mike expanded their reach beyond the blog and created a digital course called Scale Your Travel Blog To Six Figures that helps other travel bloggers learn the right strategies so that they can see success from their websites as well.

Laura is celebrating how much she has learned from the podcast especially as it pertains to ads! She took her $6800 ad budget and made $21k!

Visit mikeandlauratravel.com to learn more!

Gloria Chou

Gloria is a diplomat-turned-PR coach helping small businesses 10x their visibility and influence without ads or agencies. From cold calling hundreds of newsrooms and hacking her own PR without any agency experience or industry contacts, Gloria developed the world’s first PR pitching framework that’s helped founders gain over 1 billion organic views across top-tier outlets in nearly every industry.

One of the biggest lessons that Gloria learned as a result of listening to the podcast is that 80% of the success of her business is her mindset. She also learned the value of learning to delegate. These have allowed her to focus on being the CEO of her business!

Learn more about Gloria and her business at www.gloriachoupr.com.

Gloria also joined me in episode 486. You can listen to it at rickmulready.com/486!

Anna Barker

Anna Barker is a personal finance expert and the founder of LogicalDollar where she helps others get on the path to financial freedom using the experience she gained from transforming her own debt into a thriving investment portfolio.

Anna learned to optimize systems and processes and use her data to see what is and isn’t working! This is something I talk about on the podcast quite often because it allows business owners to be more efficient!

Learn more at https://logicaldollar.com.

Hallie Sherman

Hallie Sherman is a licensed speech-language pathologist (SLP) and author behind Speech Time Fun and the SLP Coffee Talk podcast. She creates digital resources which she sells on Teachers Pay Teachers and provides professional development through her Speech Time Fun PD courses and virtual live event, The Speech Retreat Recharge.

Through the podcast and the Accelerator coaching program, Hallie has gained major confidence in running Facebook ads!

You can learn more about Hallie and her business at www.speechtimefun.com.

Joy Foster

Joy is the founder of TechPixies which helps women upskill with modern technology in order to return to work, change careers, or start a business.

Joy gained more confidence running her ads, and it was that confidence, among other things, that allowed her to scale her business really, really quickly! She also was able to start harmonizing her life through time management skills. These are results of coaching and listening to the Art of Online Business Podcast!

Visit Joy’s website to learn more about her at https://techpixies.com.

There you have it! I really couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate 500 episodes other than celebrating YOU and your wins, lessons, and breakthroughs!

I am so grateful for not only the people we included in this episode but for all of you, my friend, for listening to the show.

Thank you for always tuning in, showing up, and giving me the opportunity to help you optimize and grow your online business so that you can have more freedom, more revenue, and a bigger impact while working less.

If you want to let me know the wins, lessons, or breakthroughs that you\’re experiencing in your business, please let me know. DM me over on Instagram @rickmulready!

Don’t forget that we are accepting applications for my Accelerator coaching program! This is for online course creators and coaches who are already doing well in their business and are looking to scale. If you want to know the steps that you need to take to take your business to the next level, visit rickmulready.com/accelerator to apply!

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