How Clarity In Your Messaging Creates HUGE Momentum In Your Business with Lea Pickard

Today’s episode is a special one, as you’re actually going to hear the process that one of my students, Lea Pickard, went through before, during and after she sat on the “hot seat” at our recent Accelerator retreat.

Lea is a happiness expert who has studied wellness as an anthropologist, looking at different cultures around the globe. She has taught college and realizing she wanted to apply more of the knowledge she gained over the years, she began teaching yoga before starting her online business to help women like her who felt “stuck.”

As you’ll hear, Lea has a unique voice and niche, and she puts together the science of happiness with what she calls the “soul” of it. In this episode Lea shares the process she went through getting ready to launch her first online program, Shine, and she talks about all of the struggles she had in having a lot of information about her product, but not the clarity in her positioning and message to sell it effectively.

A big part of what Lea shares is about the value she found in having fresh eyes look at her course and business. The input from the group members, as well as her getting “Mulready’d” (she explains in this conversation what this means!) put her on the path to being about to take the tremendous amount of info and turn it into something that she could clearly express to someone wanting to buy her product.

Once she got out of her own way, Lea was really able to shine and regardless of what niche you operate in, her story has lots of lessons that can be applied to your business. I can’t wait to have her back on the show to update us on the results from her first launch!

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On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • What Lea means when she says that “action brought her clarity” and the transformational mindset shifts she made while in the hot seat
  • The realizations she made to be able to speak to the opportunity for her customers while remaining within Facebook’s ad guidelines
  • The copy and terminology she used to address the transformation, instead of focusing on the negatives with where her prospects are right now
  • Her tips for other online course creators that may be stuck in their positioning or messaging
  • What Lea’s launch looked like and the livestream launch formula that generated leads costing under $1 – to cold traffic!
  • The two types of ads she ran and how she was able to build an engaged group of over 200 members in just a few short days
  • A killer strategy and tool, or “game changer” she used to build engagement with her customers

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