The Facebook Ads Hack that’s Generating $22 for every $1 Spent with Daniel Daines-Hutt

On today’s episode, I’m chatting with Daniel Danies-Hutt, a self-confessed “marketing nerd” who’s originally from England and now living in New Zealand. I’m so excited to bring this conversation with you, and as you’ll hear, I took down a ton of notes from it during our discussion. Daniel has a ton of amazing online marketing strategies to share here with us, as he’s someone who does the work upfront to set himself up for success.

Daniel got a unique start in entrepreneurship when he created a clothing company overnight. Within 5 weeks he was selling his products in 5 retail stores, and you’re going to learn a very cool Facebook ads strategy that he used to have those 5 stores calling him and asking how they could sell his product.

Things went so well that people started asking him to do marketing for them, including paid ads and content writing, and Daniel and his partner now have two blogs, Inbound Ascension and Amp My Content.

In this episode we look at how Daniel has been driving cold traffic to his content and generating $22 for every dollar spent on ads, and why he is using the conversions objective inside Facebook Ads Manager.

He also reveals the feedback loop he’s using to tell how much money he can be spending per lead, and the importance of working with the Facebook algorithm, and not against it.  

Daniel explains how his paid ads are benefiting his organic content, and why he feels that his content is converting so well. Daniel does a great job at testing and not giving up on what he’s trying too soon, and you’ll see that he’s playing the long game when it comes to Facebook advertising (and winning)!

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On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • What Daniel’s current daily ad spend is and why he’s not in a hurry to quickly scale it up
  • Why lead cost is the most important metric that he measures  
  • Where SEO fits into his organic and paid strategies
  • What are “Hyper-Specific Next Step Offers” (and how he’s getting conversion rates of up to 85% using them)
  • The strategies he’s using to increase opt-ins and what he avoids in order to limit resistance from potential subscribers
  • What his longer form ads consist of and what the targeting looks like for them
  • Examples of ad images and headlines that have been extremely effective in catching the attention of his target audience
  • His targeting strategies at the ads set level and how when it comes to marketing, we can all learn from the marketers of the past
  • A “sneaky hack” of his that’s simple but so good (and easy to do)!

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