(Encore) Back to Basics: How to Avoid the Biggest Mistake People Make with Their Facebook Ads

There have been a handful of episodes here on the podcast that have really stood out for me, that people have consistently reached out to me about because it’s helped their business. Today’s episode is an encore of Episode 190, a show that I’ve gotten a ton of great feedback on, and I wanted to make sure that you caught it. Even if you have listened to this episode already, I guarantee that you’ll pick up new things that you didn’t the first time around.

On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • What things you need to know about your customer to effectively market to him or her
  • The questions you need to be asking yourself, like are there sub-segments of your audience that you’re looking past?
  • 5 ways to figure out your target audience’s paint points, hobbies, interests and more – including how I did it in my own business
  • What knowing their beliefs, objections and myths can tell you and why you need to address these in your ad copy
  • Examples from my own business of Facebook ad copy used and an exercise that we’ve done to really target our ideal customer

FB ADmanager Ad Examples:


Links & Resources Mentioned in this Episode:


Instagram.com/RickMulready/ *direct message for info on Accelerator Group Program

Book: The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan

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