Quick Tip: Understand THIS for Better Facebook Ads Results

I am back with another quick tip episode. These episodes have tips or strategies you can use to help you grow your online business so you can have a bigger impact and increase your revenue in the process. 

Do you ever feel like Facebook is working against you and your ads? Well, I’m here to reassure you that it’s not. The secret is knowing how to work with Facebook to get the best results. 

It all comes back to a principle that you hear me talk about a lot around here: simpler is better. The simpler you can set up your ad campaign, the better results you’re setting yourself up for.

And the reason for this is Facebook’s delivery technology and machine learning. You might know it as: the algorithm.  

When you play nice with delivery technology, that’s when you’re setting yourself up for success.  And that’s what I want to share with you in today’s episode!

I will be sharing more around this topic on a Facebook Live in the Optimized CEO Facebook community soon, so be sure to join the group if you haven’t already. It’s exclusively for online course creators, membership creators, and online coaches who are looking to optimize their businesses to six or seven figures. Join us at www.rickmulready.com/group

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