Facebook Ads Strategy Session with Lianne Kim

Today’s episode is going to be a strategy session with one of my Accelerator group coaching students, Lianne Kim. Lianne and her business partner run Mamas & Co., where they serve mompreneurs through a membership program by helping them start and grow online businesses.

You’re going to hear how they’re in a season of list building at the moment, and a lot of what we talk about here is about the recent simple Facebook ads campaign that Lianne started. At our in-person retreat for my group coaching clients last week in San Diego, Lianne walked us through this campaign and she realized there was definitely some things she needed to do differently to set herself up for future success.

We’ll look at Lianne’s strategy, the ad image and the copy she used, her objectives, stats, results and more. I share my recommendations for where she can make some improvements, and Lianne has already quickly implemented these changes to get her Facebook ads campaign really going.

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On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • How understanding her ideal target audience so well has built Lianne’s  membership community – and why she now wants to focus on her online marketing efforts
  • The reasons she is moving away from having an open cart 12 months of the year for the membership site
  • What her lead magnet consists of and how she used feedback from her community to create it
  • What Lianne’s ad spend looked like and why she now realized that setting up the campaign for a traffic objective versus conversions was a mistake
  • Where she can make improvements to the blog post copy in order to drive opt-ins
  • How Lianne can use a conversion-based retargeting campaign to start seeing better results with her Facebook marketing
  • The ways she is now testing different images and ad strategies, and the mindset shifts she had to make to allow this

Screenshot of Lianne’s ad she ran:


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