Facebook Ads Back-to-Basics Q&A — Custom Audiences Style

I recently did a Facebook ads class around custom audiences for Social Media Examiner’s Facebook Ads Summit, and on today’s episode, I’m answering the questions people asked during my session that I wasn’t able to answer due to time constraints.

I would consider these questions foundational, and I thought that all of you would benefit from hearing these “Back to Basic” questions, and the answers to them.

In this rapid-fire Q&A I’ll be talking about things like privacy concerns and your email list, audience size questions, general campaign set up questions and a whole lot more.

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On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • The minimum audience size I recommend to target and why’s it’s necessary
  • What is the ideal list upload size to create a lookalike audience and what I would be testing and considering here
  • If the Facebook pixel also works for Instagram engagement
  • Whether or not you need a new pixel for each Facebook account you manage
  • What you can’t do when using an email list to create a custom audience
  • How often you need to re-upload your custom audience list
  • What is the ideal length of time to re-target traffic to your website
  • If there is a cap for the number of audiences you can create in Facebook

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