#96: Lessons from Over $2M Spent on Facebook Lead Ads

If you’ve been working with Facebook Ads for a while, chances are you’ve tested out at least a few different Ad types.

And, if you’re like me, you found an Ad type or two that rocked your world and produced massive results, therefore becoming the go-to Ad types you continue to use again and again.

(For the record, I’d fall into the “hard-core fan of video ads” category.)

And then there are the Ad types that haven’t exactly produced killer results.

One type that I, personally, haven’t loved is Facebook Lead Ads.

Lead Ads have been out for a while now, but they were super clunky in the beginning — mostly because 3rd party apps and software were slow to integrate. It made the process of actually following up with your leads, a pretty big headache.

But I’d been hearing about Facebook’s improvements to Lead Ads, plus 3rd party tools have been rolling out integrations to make things a whole lot easier on advertisers.

So, I wanted to get the inside scoop on what’s working and what’s not working with Lead Ads from someone who’s seen A LOT of money spent on them.

Enter today’s guests on The Art of Paid Traffic: Massimo Chieruzzi.

Massimo is the founder & CEO of AdEspresso, a Facebook Ads management tool that simplifies the process of setting up and managing Facebook Ads.

When I heard that AdEspresso users were spending more than $2 million on Lead Ads, alone, I knew Massimo was the right guy to have on the podcast for a discussion all about how to successfully use Lead Ads.

The topics Massimo and I cover on this show will give you a pretty comprehensive picture of how people are using Facebook Lead Ads.

My goal is for you to walk away from this episode knowing whether or not Lead Ads are right for you and your business.

Let’s dive in…

On Today’s Episode, You’ll Also Learn:

  • Why AdEspresso users have spent more than $2 million on FB Lead Ads
  • Lead Ads versus website conversion campaigns — which is more effective?
  • The most important elements of a FB Lead Ad
  • Why Massimo believes it’s best to target warm leads with FB Lead Ads
  • What placement works best with FB Lead Ads — Mobile or Desktop?
  • The “sweet spot” number of questions to ask in your Lead Ad that will help you lower your cost per lead
  • Which types of businesses are seeing the best results from FB Lead Ads
  • How to fit Lead Ads into your current sales funnel
  • What Massimo is most excited about when it comes to Facebook Ads
  • And a lot more..

And, we’ve put together an awesome Facebook Lead Ads Checklist for you to accompany today’s episode.

This free checklist walks you through all the essential things you need to know in order to create effective Lead ads.

Grab your free FB Lead Ads Checklist here.

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