#158: Gmail Ads! How to Get Targeted, Cost-Effective Traffic with this Little Known Strategy with Charles Kirkland

We’ve been talking a lot about Facebook ads on the podcast lately, so we’re going to change things up today and talk about another interesting traffic strategy: Gmail ads.

And joining me to share his knowledge is Charles Kirkland who was a guest here on The Art of Paid Traffic way back on episode 21.

Charles is the founder of mediabuyerassociation.com and he’s a very smart dude when it comes to all things paid traffic.

This episode is a result of a conversation Charles and I had a couple of weeks ago where he mentioned to me about the tremendous opportunities he was seeing with Gmail ads.

It’s a strategy that I haven’t yet tested out, so I was excited to invite him here to share his insights.

As you’ll hear we talk about best practices (and what to avoid) when it comes to Gmail ads, how to ensure that you’re providing the best user experience for the people who are seeing and interacting with your ads, and a whole lot more…

On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • Recent big changes to how you set up Gmail ads (HINT: it’s become a whole lot easier).
  • Why advertising with Gmail ads is such a good option for businesses to consider
  • Why you shouldn’t be geo-targeting people with your landing pages – and what to do instead
  • The role that your Gmail ad images will play in getting the click from the prospect
  • Why it’s critical to be designing your landing pages with mobile in mind first, THEN desktop
  • How Google calculates it’s metrics for Gmail ad performance and why this can be a bit misleading
  • Ways to ensure your landing pages are Google compliant, particularly when it comes to the legal aspect
  • Why having a navigation bar on your landing page isn’t necessarily a bad thing when it comes to Gmail advertising and working with Google…
  • And a whole lot more…

We talk about a lot of good stuff here today, always fun to hang out with Charles.

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Transcript of Today’s Episode

[00:00:06] This is the show where I bring you the best tips tactics and strategies for using paid traffic to grow your business on autopilot. You’ll also hear what’s working and not working right now from the top minds in online marketing so that you can get more leads and sales every day without having to empty your wallet in the process. All right let’s jump into it.

[00:00:28] Hey hey what’s up everyone. Welcome back to the art of paid traffic podcast. I am Rick Mulready welcome to episode number 158. Hope all is going well with you really appreciate you for giving me your time today and coming to hang out on the episode today. We’ve been talking a lot about Facebook ads lately here in the show. So we’re going to change things up a little bit and talk about another strategy that I think is really interesting and that is G-mail ads. And joining me to share his knowledge on Gmail ads is my buddy Charles Kirkland. If you’ve been listening to the podcast for a long time now actually for almost two years Charles was were my original guests here on the show way back on episode number twenty one and he’s the founder of the media buyer Association media buyer Association dot com and he is one very smart dude when it comes to all things paid traffic. But today we’re going to be diving into G-mail ads and this episode is really a result of a conversation that Charles and I had a couple of weeks ago. We like to touch base every now and then. And you know it’s kind of share what we’re working on and what’s going on in the world of online advertising. And he got talking about Gmail ads and the opportunity that he was seeing with Gmail ads and how well they were working with him and for his businesses and stuff like that.

[00:01:47] And so I was like hey man this is really cool a strategy that we’ve not talked about here in the show and that I’ve actually not tested out yet so I invited him on to the podcast so today we’re going to be diving in and we’re going to be learning what the opportunity is with G-mail and what the best practices are what to avoid when it comes to running G-mail ads. How do you ensure that you’re providing the best user experience for people who are not only senior ads but also interacting with your Gmail ads. We talk about how to ensure that you’re saying Google compliant with your landing page we talk about targeting with your G-mail ads how you can get super super targeted with these ads. We also get into a discussion towards the end of the interview around a landing page conversion rates and how they can relate to the quality of a lead. And we talk about a lot of good stuff here today. Always fun to hang out with Charles and we’re going to dive into all that here in just a second. But before we do jump into it with him I am super pumped to announce my upcoming live Facebook Ads implementation workshop that’s going to be here in San Diego FBA live. For those of you guys who’ve been listening for a long time you may have heard me talk about I feel alive. I do too live implementation workshops a year and the next one is going to be coming up in December so we’re going to be starting on Thursday evening December 7th and we’re going to have an opening night happy hour that night. And then we’re going to go Friday and Saturday December 8th and 9th again that’s here in San Diego.

[00:03:20] Now this as I mentioned this is an implementation workshop so we’re going to be actually working on your Facebook ad campaigns together over those two days and going to be having conversations around strategy and areas for improvement for your campaigns. I mean so much has changed with Facebook ads over the last two months let alone this year. And my goal is to have you walking away from this workshop with things set up the right way and improvements made to whatever you might already be running with your Facebook ads. Also I’m doing something new for this particular workshop here in December. When you sign up for the workshop it’s also going to include access to or a large credit toward one of my training programs which you’ll need to go through as much as you can prior to the event. And the reason I’m doing this is I want this workshop to have the biggest impact for you. So it’s not going to be for 100 percent complete beginners. OK. And if you’re already one of my students you’re going to be getting a big time discount off the cost of the event again so that we can have the biggest impact on working with you. Spots are going to be limited actually limiting this to no more than 40 people because there’s going to be so much hands on implementation help for my team and me I’m actually finalizing the details over the next few days while depending on what you’re listening to.
[00:04:44] But I have put together an early interest page so that you can sign up to be the first to know when you can grab one of these 40 spots and that link is Rick Mulready dot com forward slash early interest. Now depending on when you do listen to this that might that link might direct to redirect you right to the page where you can learn about all the information and the speakers and so forth as well as to grab your spot. I love doing these live workshops. And my favorite thing I get to do in the in the business here love hanging out with all of you for a few days and really moving your Facebook ads and your business forward I really can’t wait to see you here in San Diego this coming December. Again that link is Rick Mulready dot com forward slash early interest without further ado let’s go hang out with Charles Kirkland.

[00:05:36] Charles welcome back to the podcast. How are you man. Hey hey how’s it going. It’s going great. I just look right before we get started here. And you were one of the original guests here in the podcast episode number 21. Yea I mean way way back today was episode 157 was to give you some perspective there on how far we’ve come in since the last time you were on.

[00:06:01] So I always love talking to you man. It’s always so good to catch up with you. You are you are on the cutting edge of what’s going on and working in stuff like that in the patriotic space on my marketing space. And you know I really said to talk to you about a topic that we have not covered at all on the podcast here. And this came up like you and I had a conversation. I was on your show a few weeks ago. We just happened to start talking about this and I was like you know this is a good topic to talk about on the podcast here so before we dive into that let’s refresh people who you are and what you’re up to. Anybody who has not heard. I mean again it’s been many many episodes since your last on so you know let’s share with the AAPT nation here who you are and what you’ve been up to.

[00:06:48] Yeah kind of give you a quick background. I started in 1999. Second one who made about $10000 selling e-commerce PTF. This is way back then. 2010 became one of the top 100 affiliates eclipsing 2011 and became one of their top Linders 2012 top clients. So. So like an insane amount of stuff is a cool digital of one lead generation you know saying with you name it we’ve done it local or whatever started the media bar association in 2012. And our goal is really to educate people what’s working now immediately. Because what we’re about to talk about from the last how we talked. Now there’s been a major change with G.M.. I mean huge. Yeah. So that’s kind of who I am that technically that translates into I break enough stuff to figure out what’s working.

[00:07:40] I love you because we’re all able to leverage what we do catch up you know once every few months or so and it’s like I keep hearing about oh something happened and this is what you did to fix it. And now this is what’s working now this is what you’re testing out now. But but I want to clarify something you said you said since we last spoke a lot of changes this happened we’re not talking about Episode 21 we’re talking about three weeks ago.

[00:08:01] Yes. A lot has changed and we’re recording this today as what October 11th. And so a lot has changed over the past three weeks or so. So let’s talk about that. Let’s let’s start with what the opportunity is with you know with G-mail ads and you know let’s kind of start from the beginning what it is what it means for people what the opportunity is how to do it and then we can kind of move into what’s what sort of changed.

[00:08:28] Yes. One of the things that we need to look at is what percentage of the population that we’re to be targeting is using G-mail approximately. The numbers vary depending on who you talk to honestly but Google if you’ve got a gmail address is probably six out of 10 is a 60 percent chance it will be a gmail address. If you have any online you sold Yahoo Hotmail nearly than your usual free stuff. But Google has the majority of those so there’s a 60 percent chance it it’s a free e-mail address. It’s going to be a guru. That doesn’t even begin to include the number of people who are using GCs. So you know like Charles at media bar association that’s just tweeting. So that’s also within the G-mail thing. So Google has the majority of things now. Their biggest job is they’re having to fight Facebook. Facebook. That’s where the majority of people are spending their time and Facebook in the news feed and in videos.

[00:09:25] I just want to clarify that real quick. Charlie you said with the suite. So for example I use Google Apps you for my you know for my quote unquote at Rick Mulready dot com email address and I pull it through Gmail because I mean that’s my one interface isn’t it. You are saying that Gmail ads can Kanwal are applicable to that as well.

[00:09:45] Actually they will not work in the G suite or the gaps or the suites. Got it. Wilna even though they’re part of the Google family they’re not working directly and I think Google said Gee suite’s accounted for like either 300 million or 3 billion some some crazy number and say so you know the reality of it is Google’s like how do we show as because we’re getting less and less relevant screen time more and more people are at Facebook where are they. Well they’re in the e-mail. We we’ve become accustomed to e-mail where words up because of that Google a few years ago they did this out with small beta. So what would happen if we put ads in Gmail. Would that interfere with user experience. The greatest fear that Google has is they will become no longer relevant and use a use of Samhain. I remember the days of Gmail just like Yahoo and Hotmail and those other things yeah. They want to always stay relevant and they have to basically create between advertising dollars and user experience. Sure. So they decided we would put in ads for the free Gmail accounts. Now. There’s got to be a huge problem with that because the only way they can show ads to people in their G-mail was actually to read the email like literally to read that e-mail back. So if you sent your tax documents via G-mail who could read what your social security number out in common. You know most to say that you’ve signed up for something free Google Google knows what you’re signing up for where you’re spending your time.

[00:11:17] What type of e-mail you open what type of e-mails you click. What type of e-mails are most likely to engage. Now from a privacy standpoint let’s just say that you’ve got. You wake up and you’ve got some horrible disease and now you’re seeing ads for cancer products cancer hospitals cancer related stuff. You’ve never really given Google permission. You have in the fine print because you’re abusing that and that’s a long term service. But Google says this is working. No we. We’re getting some backlash from it. So at that point they decided they will no longer read your e-mails. But this is where it gets exciting. Up until a few weeks ago actually two weeks ago. Let’s just say can you tell me somebody who has your perp right now who has a perfect life. If we were to say any thought leader or any anybody who would probably my good friend Amy Porterville perfect perfect. If we want and we can still do this before we could actually target the domain we could start a campaign up in G-mail actually Google ads there and we would just say hey it’s a display campaign I want to show Gmail only and I only want it to show to people who are getting e-mails or talk about in the reality of that is that Amy has a big lust. Yeah. That means when she hits send. Google’s going to scan go hey you their e-mails are here by Amy Porterfield was show ads to Amy for right now to put this in for show you know adds to her audience.

[00:12:47] Yes. And so the people that she’s sending to.

[00:12:50] Yes exactly. So from that standpoint now this is where it gets even wackier. Normally Let’s say I’m in G-mail. I see the ad to be less intrusive. Google actually it’s a two step process. So it says free download free was to say free more of a cheat sheet or whatever the case may be Yudof with the added expense. Now this where it gets exciting you could actually embed videos. You can embed opt in forms. So could you imagine somebody opt in to your email list from G-mail never having to go to your website.

[00:13:27] So wow really. So so that you can have video in there so it expands. And so this the ad is at the top of the e-mail is that correct. Correct. OK so in a site like blocking any Fange it’s our covering up anything at the top of the e-mail. And then when you click it it can expand out to look down a little bit. Yes. And you’re saying within that space you can have a video you can have an opt in form will that opt in form automatically populate similar to like a Facebook lead ad.

[00:13:58] No unfortunately it won’t they still have to enter their information. OK but that’s how we used to do it. So we would go out and would it works best for people who have a large list in mail. So it would be very easy to store. Let’s just say targeting those leads so you could target aiming for a few Arayan dice. Yeah. Insert whoever you want. Right right right now because Google would read the e-mail they would know hey this is for me. Yeah. Unfortunately privacy laws have decided that it’s no longer usable. We can’t forget that. But we can still target by keyword now where we can’t target Amy Porterfield dot com. What we can now target is in order feel as a interest whereas a key word. OK. So Google was saying we’re not going to read your e-mail. Instead we’re just don’t watch. Everywhere you go see what you interact with and we’re just going to target you based on your interactions.

[00:14:52] Now Target the user based on their interactions. Yes. OK.
[00:14:57] So if you go to any particular site we see your mobile device I mean we’re always logged into Facebook and we’re always logged in the group so everywhere we go from a desktop mobile long to your wallet then it has a seamless user experience. Yep. They will actually be able to see what you’re doing how you’re doing. And then you can target these people based on the same way we would argue them for keywords in Facebook or group. Got it.

[00:15:22] So it’s it’s not quite as powerful for a shape or targeting because they’re not reading the e-mail because Google is Arima e-mail but it’s still interest based. And whether we whether we realize it or not or whether we like it or not Google just like all these other platforms out there has a ton of information about its users correct capsule. Got it.

[00:15:45] This is where it gets really interesting before we were saying OK we can target domains we get all the keywords. Google’s not reading that email but same token they know what you like. They know what. Same thing with Facebook. They know what you like. They know where you’ve been. They know what you’ve engaged with. So we can basically load up as still targeting Facebook morphine. Mail E-Myth or feel yeah we just can’t do it so wait as Amy for a backup but we forget her ok with Maurice Smith or Dennis you or anyone like that.

[00:16:16] Got it. So it’s the similar type of similar type of interest targeting that you can do on Facebook in the detail targeting section. Now where we’re able to do that or are now I should say is the primary way to do that with these G-mail ads. So you know I can imagine that some people who are listening are like man this is really kind of creepy but what have you seen like. What are some best practices for it and also what have you seen that works really well.

[00:16:43] Do not deal target people with your landing pages. We’ve done that. Just just imagine if you were targeting preppers. We had a client who was 17 to the shepherd. And with the her proper they’re like they’re all like going to end up as a doomsday prop..

[00:16:56] OK guys. Yes exactly exactly.

[00:16:59] So I had the great idea that we should just get these people and let them know that the government’s coming to confiscate everything they had and you know what really generate the you know really get excited to to buy don’t you target people when you do those things. It may be OK on certain landing pages but don’t geo target people with any pages because it breaks them out and they start complaining to Google about ads which are bad. So

[00:17:26] what do you mean what do you mean exactly by targeting with the landing page. What do you mean by that.

[00:17:31] So like if you were click and Gmail and lead on my landing page and I’m going to go hey people who live in Clearwater Oh God you know you know your waters probably you know contaminated. It treats guide use Zamata OK we don’t want to use fear based selling but instead of Google we we have the ability. We don’t want to call them out and say hey we like it or that really doesn’t. It creates a bad user right. Sure. Sure. So we want to target them. We know that they like Orfield and Facebook Mark. So it’s you know the seven shortcuts to you know creating a winning Facebook campaign. Yeah. We work with. We still use. And how he used to work like they but we want to still use engaging in relevant titles. Sure. Because we are absolutely we’re now sort of competing at from an ad standpoint we’re competing to get everybody they know who just sent them money. So you’ve got to you literally. The thing that we’ve discovered are best email subject lines or our best G-mail subject line. OK. So you would click on it just like the subject line. What clicks we sort of once they click down then we’re like we’re going give them an image and we give them a reason to come to our site. One of the things we need to do is the image plays a mass supporting hitting that click because I see your image let’s say your blue orange and white. The art of patrons.

[00:18:55] Yeah I know what I see that in the ad I click and get to a site and it’s all black and white. There’s nothing there’s no relation to that image. I’m white. I’m slightly hesitant. I don’t know. My guard is up now. Maybe I’m just going to close up shop. Google. Google looks that like hey you left the e-mail that you want from Rick’s site and then two seconds later you were back here. What caused that so they start giving you a lower you know basically kind of penalties a quality school job. So you want to make sure that when they see those images the look the feel it is relevant when you land on the site. Also you want to take them to a dedicated Linnie page if you can. That way you can. I know this is a big issue. Unfortunately Google has become the big bag monster. It’s really not evil. You know they’re we could argue or corporations big evil but in this particular case a lot of marketers to watch can’t use Google because the costs are too high can’t afford the clicks the people don’t burn. They’re not used in the right interests. The thing that we need to keep in mind is Google is intent it’s little Johnny’s got poison ivy so I’m going to go to Google fix you know poison ivy cure homemade poison ivy. One of its intent drip when we’re in Gmail. There’s no we’re not using intent. We’re using interest the same as we would in baseball. Yeah. So at this point you know we’re sitting here seven steps of creating a successful Facebook campaign. They land on the 20 page.

[00:20:23] We can have the links at the bottom. We just need to have a good usage. Sure. NET no exit pops clear fonts and the big thing is we have standees pages have to be mobile. They can’t be mobile responsive. They have to be design mobile first desktop response.

[00:20:39] Because it’s I mean it’s and this is really all common sense stuff right because the user experience we want to make sure it’s a good user experience. Google wants out obviously for its users as does Facebook or that conversation a lot on Facebook. So yeah this all this all makes sense what type of like now.

[00:20:57] Now some might think that the quality of the click might be a little bit lower because maybe it’s an accidental click or whatever. What do you kind of seeing and with that these clicks are there.

[00:21:10] Probably the third highest quality click we get the highest quality click we get is off of Google search which is pure into. Sure. Sure. The second highest quality click we would ever get would be a big search which was there again pure intent. Yup. The third which would be tied with YouTube is not high tech but they are so hyper targeted. Yeah. And the most important thing is the problem. One of the issues that we would fight every day in Facebook is let’s say I like Amy Porterfield and I like her six months ago six weeks ago six years ago. It’s very difficult to determine the freshness of that clip because Google was serving ads based on intent and they’re basing on what you have recently interacted. So if you’d like any poor view of six months ago and you’ve never bench or sites you’re not going to see an ad report. But if you’ve recently interacted with her late that a massive amount of what they call you know criteria to determine whether we’re going to show that ad or not. But the interesting thing is when you’re seeing these ads they are very very relevant. And you would have most likely interact with the person you know within a very short amount of time. So when you’re clicking through that it’s like hey your interest is still based. And what we find the clicks do cost more and the metrics are a little skewed because Facebook you get a click it’s a click to your lady page. That’s how they would measure. Google web site is the first click is to expand the ad.

[00:22:37] The second click is from the app to your landing page. Your metrics are a little skewed You can’t commander quick percent click rate. OK. That was to open it not necessarily to the land.

[00:22:50] OK so that that doesn’t they don’t break out the two clicks for you. Correct. OK. So here’s what’s the cost per click. Based on that the open or the click through to the landing page the first open expanding that in God.

[00:23:03] This is where it gets really interesting because Google is like we can have 170000 Vu’s and let’s just say out of the 107 that was nice. Just for simple math here so we got 17000 clicks. We’re only paying for the click we’re not paying for the deal. So from a branding standpoint to me this is like one of the greatest things we can eat. Yeah it’s not that we don’t want people to flick ads but if we’re in a market that’s hyper expensive we may not want that initial pilot coming into this maybe we’re just trying to build the brand. This is who we are and maybe we can brand get seen on Google and we can start targeting people and Facebook as well. It’s one of those things where we start seeing a person every place they must be important because they’re everywhere.

[00:23:50] Yeah sure. Now what’s the I mean the bit you mentioned before or like the ones that you see that are performing the best tend to be the ones that are your best headlines. Right. What I really want to make sure that that everyone gets from this is making sure that they’re who they are targeting is is a good user experience like you talked about this like what are some you know as far as you mentioned image you can put a video and then we can put it like an opt in form rape rate within you know fields within the hot are the expanded out itself. What are some like what are some things that like be because I guess I can hear people thinking like Whew this is really obtrusive. But if it’s if we can get so targeted like we’re talking about here we we’re just adding value to the person that we’re trying to we’re trying to speak to. Right. So what are some of those things that we can do to make sure that we’re adding value and providing that the best user experience right from within that ad units that they do want to expand that.

[00:24:53] The the ad itself is one thing to remember is if you’ve got an iPhone and you click on download PDA. A lot of people when they download PTF they actually can’t download it to their device. That’s a big issue that we run into. Another issue we’re looking at is your first show somebody’s video that if they’re mobile they may not have 3G may not before you may end up with a buffering issue and you just click the button you’re just not going to put up. So we found that these Lenny pages have to be from a user experience. Need to load unbelievably fast. Yep you need to be very sparse on the content. Everything needs to be set up for the smallest possible iPhone. You can have word Android we can assume that they’re going to turn it like this. Look at it. We have to assume that they’re looking at it because most people don’t check email with the phone like this. Yeah. Yeah. Looking through here. So you want to make sure that you’ve got there with fast loading the pages that are designed for mobile verse just subcircuit in the ads. We want to make sure that we’re very tricky with these. So let’s just say seven steps Cranor Facebook campaign the ad and that may be the the title of the ad is like Hey Dan where was you get a special PTF download. Plus seven steps creators Augustan campaign. We want to make sure that we’re short because the problem is the user has the attention of school of goldfish just like oh.

[00:26:16] And you go there early there’s light between the car honking the horn them without to get run over and the kids scream is the way it’s like you know you have to be short concise and to the point. Yeah. And we can also upload like instead of using a custom audience we have the ability to do what’s called look alike audience as we can load some ordinances inside of Facebook we can up with the audience and show remortgaging ads to people. The reality of it Google G-mail app or ad is really just a display type. Yeah. So you really fall in any of those categories you can. You can actually have people buy directly from the and you have the ability to show you know single images MOTY images and Google was actually simplified that now before to be ever find that you would have to go into Google set up a display and skip creating the app go back to the ad in an email that gmail dot com and then narrow it down with a couple of IT WOULD it was a technical thing. Now you could go on and go hey would you like Gmail. Yes. OK here’s your here’s how you do it. It is so easy now. A lot of people know this where a lot of people would end up losing the shirt. They would target like a rubber duck. Well it never has health fitness Mark mean business. Yeah. Mom and her Sacirbey they would get just a massive amount of clicks or stuff that would be around. Yeah. So you want to make sure that if you’re targeting a new clearly it’s part of the gotcha.

[00:27:45] And so this is all as you mentioned before this is all within the ADD words interface like just like setting up you know a Google you know Google Adwords campaign youtube ads all that it’s all done within that same campaign are the same platform I should say. Yes. And you’re just selecting Gmail ads as the option in the new platform.

[00:28:05] They’ve got a brand new platform that is should be rolled out. I’d say majority of the people at this point we still got campaigns are still using the old interface the newer face much easier much quicker. Looks a lot better. It’s a lot more user friendly.

[00:28:19] Ok that. That’s always been the big problem right with going in there and it’s not very user friendly. You had to be very technical and really know what you’re doing when you went in there.

[00:28:27] Exactly. And one of the things that we’re doing is when we’re running a display as we’re funny banner ads you know we’re always just an event. Yeah. Well these bands asked Hoover we take that copy and we take those banner ads we slice and dice them make them part of the image inside of the G.M..

[00:28:45] Got it. OK. So when they so they click they click the link and expands down. Then you can show the image and you could have a little bit of you know additional ad copy there. That’s the call to action and so forth. And that’s what you’re talking about from an image standpoint. Now you mention look you know custom look like audiences and so forth. You know for everybody who’s familiar with Facebook obviously we could do that on Facebook. So are you saying that we can build audiences of people who are engaging with these ads. We can create look like audiences in google of these people but we guarantee that we could also export them and Facebook and use them as custom audiences and Facebook is that right.

[00:29:23] If you’ve got the leads you can do that you has got to sample like in Facebook where. You upload your list you get no credit look alike. Google has the same thing but nobody ever pays attention to you. I could upload. You could upload your list and say you know what I want to see it as the people who are my perfect buyers these are people who have that money you could spend over $500. These are the people and you could actually load them into Google and say here’s a segment. All these people see my youtube as my image as my banner ads and they search I will get to see me every day. Yeah. Because they’re your highest prospects and they’re more likely to continue to buy from. Sure. Yes. So the thing that most people freak out is what you know. Yeah it does cost a little more you know. But Facebook ads have gotten a lot more expensive over the past few years. Absolutely. They’ve gone up and up and up. What we find is because in a lot of niches people have just completely left Google or the sexy thing Facebook and Pinterest and everything else we’re finding there’s a void in a lot of these niches and a lot of niches are just not Google compliant or the web sites or Google.

[00:30:34] Yeah. And this brings up a good point of before I hit that one. You know you bring up something really important there as far as it could be more expensive but we get to your point before we remember this is intent base. People are actually you know this is people are in Google obviously searching for something and then the result is coming up accordingly.

[00:30:54] Now I want to kind of finish off there with that with making sure that our our landing pages and suffer are Google compliant. What are some of those things like in a privacy policy and that sort of thing.

[00:31:05] What are some of those best practices that we’d definitely be looking out for from a compliance standpoint if we’re going to be looking at doing G-mail lets make sure that you’ve got a proxy policy that talks about remarketing because that remarking privacy is slightly different from your normal privacy policy because now you’re actually taking data the cookies being shared is a lot of technical stuff. So you want to make sure you address that in your privacy policy terms of service contact us home page. One of the things while back we got a e-mail from Google Charles you know this. This account is just not good. OK. You know we can fix that and I’m like you know what’s not compliant. And they were like well at the end of the day when you hand them the page all of these legal terms you know at the bottom they know you can’t go anywhere else. So one thing we’ve done to really jack up the legal compliance is when you enter on a page there’s full navigation. If you go to the Media Association every page with the exception about three Housel navigation We’ve got two links at the bottom. We’ve got like in the we link out for a YouTube channel or Facebook channel we link out to our podcast with link out everywhere because we have to remember the person reviewing your ads. They’re not us.

[00:32:22] There’s some guy who’s 23 years old who’s going to college at night to go to college or day and he’s looking at 5000 328 ads and he is like he’s problem Wolf down a six pack of red but time he’s got to yours or if it is just easier to get disqualified to just move home. Sure. So you want to make sure that you’ve got a great user experience. Now one of the problems we put Charles Rick if I have a full menu at the top that people are going to like leave my page and navigate around. You’re right. And that’s absolutely OK. Yeah. You’ve got you in in when you bring the I mean it’s not a big deal. Plus if you look at our navigation at the top there’s a big button with use the things you click it will pop up so any page you can go on the site you click Join now for membership you get the pop up and it’s up to the ceiling. We can target people who are visiting anyway. Absolutely. And one thing which is slightly off topic is a product called Jarre. When you’re using Hajar mentally I’m thinking you click the ads you go to my page you buy you join you do whatever. You’ll find that your prospects will go here look at your about page go on a tour look at your sign up page look at prompts. I mean they will there like they like squirrels wandering around. Then they finally in. That creates a much much better quality score because people are on your page longer. Yeah. They’re engaging with more page and engaging more page views. So Google’s like this is a better quality thing because they’re staying longer.

[00:33:53] Yeah. We use Hajjar in our last launch and that was we’d use a couple of different you know heat mapping and stuff like that for anybody who doesn’t know what hot jar is. I mean it has a bunch different things. We are primarily using it for that for that heat mapping just kind of see where people were clicking on on the sales page and so forth. So

[00:34:10] yeah we really incorporate that into the business in general to your point Charles to see where people are spending their time. Where are they hanging out on a page where do they click on that sort of thing. And that’s a great point you say that as far as look if they don’t take the action that you want them to take immediately but yet they’re you know they’re moving around the site looking at different pages that’s like Google says oh they’re finding this good content. And so it’s increasing your quality score thus helping you the overall you know experience of the account.

[00:34:42] Exactly if you were to look at it from a standpoint of Google if we sent you to any page where there’s an image in an opt in but which is probably the highest converting page over what we find that a lot of high value clients are not just going to fork over their name and email to get the magic Kedia. They’re just not going to do. They are high quality clients high value clients are light. They don’t know you and you don’t know them. You have to build that trust. If you really look at a lot of those have clients when they’re up in there OK give you name the name and phone number when they see a site that looks respectable that looks like every other site. Yeah. You know do you get higher options on a traditional was just totally page when you page. Yeah those those actually do get hired that. The problem is if you to look at run those through your see are in like looking at any of these people opt in how many e-mail addresses are legit how many of these people open their email in any 5-ASA said when they read they firebase suddenly appear. You’ll find out that you get a lot of e-mails that are just e-mails. You know you get a lot of less than perfect but what you get statistically more often if you’re only look at statistics and this piece you get if you for some copyright. Yeah. If you really look at that over seven days hymnals menials people still engage with you’ll find that it’s not quite as high as you expect. Yeah.

[00:36:01] The full navigation will get a considerably lower often rate but at the end of the day if you’ve got the right offer we use like a seven day paper click buy is selling a PPC book. Yeah. We’re only targeting people who are interested in that word. Words from things of that nature. The way that we’re bringing in people when is they see you get this one day one two three four five six seven to ten boxes you can land on the page and it feels good and looks for fresh looks clean and it inspires somebody to opt in. But the way you can stagger your many pages in the way that configure landie page is you can say this is a novice. This is a beginner. This is an intermediate if somebody is an expert at outworks they’re not opt in for certainly Buki right. We’ll be opting in for you know how to use pivot tables to get more report data or something like that so you can configure your different offers to your different target demographic and where they’re at in the front.

[00:36:58] Yeah I love that such. I’m just I’m glad we haven’t talked about that because it’s a really important point that a lot of people don’t really think about. And to your point there Charles you’re saying you know you know people think well if I put a navigation navigation bar on there people are going to click away. It’s not a of bad thing. You know and oftentimes that’s a higher quality type of type of person that’s visiting the site there. Is there anything we didn’t cover you know when it comes to Gmail ads that that you think it would be definitely something that that people should know.

[00:37:28] I think the biggest thing is when you look at it Google is looking at it from like what are you willing to build. How do people interact with this and why does everything that goes into quality school the higher the quality score you can get with any ad where that’s Facebook with Google with others being the higher quality scores who can relate to cheaper clip. Yeah. You know if you’ve got a quality score 1 and you’re paying $5 per click and you get one click out every thousand impressions versus I’m going to get five clicks for every hundred impressions and I’m paying 25 percent there. It’s better use experience Google they use they they buy you the user experience way more than they do. So when you’re trading keywords you want to make sure that the keywords are relevant to the OP. So if you’re retarget words stream which is Facebook ENP PC it is predominantly PPC with the Facebook app. It will get some but not a lot but if you were Maurice Smith Amy Porterfield you will get way more clicks for Facebook tieback. Yeah we’re Facebook type are Facebook leading options.

[00:38:33] Sure. What type of species are you generally seeing on a well-targeted good ad that’s going to be up in the air.

[00:38:42] You know we’ve got some that are down 50 we’ve got some that are and two we can get some that are under a dollar. Yeah. Yes truly just completely it depends on the day of the week because ads from day to day the CPC is rather short. How much competition you get. Yeah. Also it depends on what’s happening in the news. I know I’m the worst person on the planet but when there’s an accident or something that’s like really hot and then these people spend their time in e-mail and spend their time in messenger. So you’ve got more you’ve got more opportunity to have your actual inventories more because people are clicking you know cost you know if it’s just a quiet news day you’ve got less opportunity for you because it really depends on the number four it’s just a complete supply and demand. Unlike eBay you can get sometimes you get things break sometimes you get things that OK prices and so they probably pay the same scenario with them.

[00:39:35] Gotcha gotcha. Charles this has been a really interesting conversation. Like I told you before a few weeks ago I didn’t I mean I knew that this was an opportunity I just I guess I just didn’t understand the scope of of what was available and I and I I think this is an and now to hear that you know Google’s rolled out that the new ads interface making it more user friendly.

[00:39:58] That’s great. That’s really great news because I that’s been a huge barrier for a lot of people to be advertising on Google whether it you know regardless of whether it’s a G-mail ad or a regular obviously Google search ad or YouTube or whatever. So I think this is a really good opportunity for somebody who’s looking for an additional channel and wants to test them you know test some new things out and see how it works. And you really can I give a great outline about what the types of things that we should be looking for and how it works or anything like that today. So thank you man I really appreciate it as always. No problem. I want to get to something to make sure that people can connect with you and they’ve got a lot of great information. What’s the best place for people to connect with you and learn more about what you’re doing.

[00:40:42] Yeah. Head over to the media buyer Association dot com. When you get there you’ll opt in oftens all over the thing which you often will a head start given you know daily newsletters and what’s happening. And the biggest key to look at this is if you say Well Charles you missed the boat boom that easy target back in the days where I just get Lee and me you know we were getting leaves for about hour. I even hate to say this because it’s not it’s not realistic for the average person to do. But we were getting targeted audience for about 40000 because there was nobody else between a lot of the targets we were going to because most of the Internet morphine or Omaar morning crowd just weren’t they were aware of this. Yeah. So we could go in and we were targeting like lime dice you know a lot of higher value clients. Eamon Porterfield or Isma. Know we were targeting like Dan Sullivan you know because of someone’s head. Dan Sullivan is usually a higher end on. Yeah. You. Most people aren’t going to have just started the website where Suzanne sold it. So we were able to try again in tag as we brought these people into the CRM that’s an important thing. If you’re targeting tagging people as a company that CRM You can very start running reports it’s like a lifetime. And next thing you know you’re looking for refasten a lead and just hold the heat to it gives you a huge opportunity. And I think the bigger issue is Google is not the big bad wolf.

[00:42:06] We all think it is there. One has to work with you. They’ll even help you build through campaigns because they want to work in it.

[00:42:13] Yeah I’ve heard I’ve heard really good things about you know about their customer service and they’re you know they’re on the service side from an advertising perspective I’ve heard good things and I’m glad to hear you say that again that you know because I’ve got like I said I’ve heard that a lot that they are willing to work with you and actually help you with stuff and you know I think that that’s been a challenge for Facebook that you know that the customer service hasn’t quite been there. I mean it may have improved but I think that what people see on the Google side with their ad services team is like it is really really good stuff especially with the fact they’re willing to help you with with building and stuff like that. So Charles I’ll be sure and link up your link there on the show notes for today’s episode. Again thank you so much man. Really appreciate it buddy. No problem have given are right.

[00:43:02] So I hope this talk here with Charles was really helpful for you as I mentioned the top of the show if you’d like to be the first to be notified with details about my December live Facebook ads implementation workshop FBA live. You can enter your name and your email over at Rick Mulready dot com forward slash early interest F.P. live is going to be here in San Diego on December 7th 8:00 the 9th because of your getting hands on help from my team and me. It’s limited to just 40 people releasing all the details including the surprise guests have lined up within the next few days or depending on when you listen to this. The early interest page might very well redirect you automatically over to the page with all the details and where you can secure your spot. So again that your well is Rick Mulready dot com forward slash early interest can’t wait to hang out with you here in San Diego in December. Thank you so much for hanging out with me today here on the show I’ve got lots of great episodes lined up for you in the coming weeks we’ve got episodes lined up for you already through December and I am really excited about what to be bringing you here in the show in the coming week. So

[00:44:13] until then my friends as always keep testing your paid traffic to find out what works for you and your business. And then more of what’s working and I’ll see you in the next episode.

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