How I Would Market It: “High-Ticket” Coaching Program with Nutrition Coach Casey Tom

Today’s episode is something I’ve said I’d talk about for some time now. My guest today is Casey Tom, a nutrition coach who has personally helped me with my own health. As you’ll hear though, we’re not only going to be talking about that on this episode. We’ll take a look at Casey’s business, including how she’s currently using Facebook ads and what I think she can be doing differently to maximize the results she is seeing.

Casey has been a nutrition coach for almost 10 years now and she runs her own company called iCan Nutrition. She specializes in elevating entrepreneurs’ lives and allowing them to understand that in order to have their wealth, they must have their health. To do this she helps her clients with metabolism repair, gut health repair, energy and mood focus, among other things.

The catalyst for me seeking out Casey’s help is that in the Spring of 2018, I wasn’t feeling good physically. In fact, at a visit to my doctor’s office I discovered that I weighed the most I ever had, and I knew that I need to be at my highest level physically to not only perform in my business but to be the best I could be for my family, as at that time I was about to be a new father. What I like most about what Casey does is it’s not overly restrictive, and she works with her clients to get them at the highest level of health.

In this episode Casey shares her past experience with using Facebook ads to sell her 12-week coaching program, and what hasn’t been working for her. In her latest campaign, she was able to book a lot of strategy calls, but as she explains she had a lot of these people not show up, which is what I want to help her with today.

I coach Casey on some strategies I want her to try and regardless of what type of business you currently have, I think you’ll want to test one or more of these strategies to see how they can work for you in your business.

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On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • Simple things to start doing right now from a nutrition standpoint to optimize your health
  • The goal of her ad campaigns to sell her program and the one major breakdown she is having
  • The reasons she feels that Facebook ads aren’t working for her at this time
  • A simple strategy for introducing a lead magnet and why I think it could be helpful for her funnel
  • How she can use qualifying questions to filter out people who may not be a fit for a strategy call
  • A video series strategy for building engagement audiences that will help develop the “know, like and trust” factor with her target audience
  • Strategies for Instagram, webinars and more that should dramatically improve the performance of her funnel

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