How to Create a More Inclusive Business with Erica Courdae

How can you change your company culture to be more inclusive? How can you create a more inclusive business overall?

This is such an important topic, and these are questions that you should be asking yourself as a business owner.

I have been thinking about this a lot recently with my diversity, equality, and inclusion coach and consultant, Erica Courdae, because I am working on making sure that my business is intentionally inclusive.

Erica is joining me in this episode to talk about creating a safe space, building an inclusive environment, and more.

Erica Courdae has dedicated her life to expanding how others interact with the world through powerful conversations. As an entrepreneur and certified coach, her work is focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), imperfect allyship, and imposter syndrome. This work has taken her into communities and onto national stages as a speaker and educator at noteworthy industry events like AltSummit, ShePodcasts Live, and Being Boss.

Erica is also the owner of an inclusive beauty salon, Silver Immersion, and the host of Pause on the Play, a podcast that features open dialogue on topics like company culture, visibility, and mindset. She lives in Maryland with her two children. 

On Today’s Show You’ll Learn: 

  • Being okay with not being an expert
  • How to begin to shift your business
  • Why you have to start with your own mindset first
  • The importance of acknowledging that you will get things wrong
  • Choosing the uncomfortable thing when it’s the right thing
  • Why you need to pause and take space to take ownership
  • Navigating the fear of cancel culture
  • Creating safety for your team

Erica is brilliant, a total expert, and unpacks this topic in such an understandable and non-judgemental way which is why I so appreciate having her as my DEI coach and consultant.

I can admit that I do not have all the answers, but I am working on becoming a more inclusive leader.

Erica has created a non-judgmental space where you can explore how your actions, attitudes, and environment supports your values and lead to a more inclusive community and world. Make sure to check out her events, community, and podcast!

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