How to Create & Deliver a High-Converting Webinar w/Colin Boyd

Do you still find yourself thinking of sales as kind of sleazy? Do you wish your sales pitches sounded and converted better?

Maybe you have been wondering if webinars are dead… and my answer is absolutely not!  I think there is a misconception in the online space that webinars are dead, but that’s simply because there are a lot of people giving crappy webinars.

My special guest today is Colin Boyd and he is sharing some priceless advice and information about what sales is really all about and how to sell effectively.

Colin helps experts, course creators, and coaches to speak confidently on stage to sell without coming across pushy or sales-y. He’s obsessed with creating step-by-step strategies that anyone can follow to become both confident and powerful at speaking and selling live on stage, on high-converting webinars, and video. He’s best known for Sell From Stage Academy® which is the leading program for growing your business through speaking. He lives in Newport Beach, California with his amazing wife and two little kids.

On today’s show, we will be breaking open the misconceptions that so many people have around webinars and the fears and insecurities people have about selling.   You will learn how to create & deliver a high-converting webinar and what you need to do to have a webinar presentation that gets people to take action…. i.e. to make sales!

We’re talking about life during the pandemic, the difference between speaking to sell and speaking to educate, your purpose as a salesperson, and so much more.

On Today’s Show You’ll Learn: 

  • The value of speaking confidently
  • A successful process of figuring out how to communicate what you do
  • How niching down can take you to new levels
  • A framework that will take you from uncertainty to specific action
  • The impact of speaking to sell vs speaking to educate
  • The purpose of a signature story
  • Your goal when making a sale
  • The enemy of a highly converting webinar
  • Why selling is the doorway to serving

One of my biggest takeaways from this episode was that selling is the doorway to serving. A lot of us can feel guilty about charging money to help people, but when you really take the time to think about it, income for your business is what enables you to serve them. I think that is really powerful.

Don’t forget to check out Colin’s video series launching on August 13th  “How to Speak and Sell From Virtual Stages”.  You can find the link to register at

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