How to Get An INSTANT Pulse On Your Team’s Workload

Are you wondering how you can find out how your team is feeling about their workload?

In this quick tip episode of Art of Online Business, I’m sharing how you can get an instant pulse on their workload using Slack or your team communication tool.

This concept is called Green Light, Yellow Light, Red Light and it has been a complete game changer for me in my business. It allows me to quickly and easily find out what my team’s workload looks like and find out if they need more or less work or if they are in a good place.

I encourage you to incorporate this concept into your business. It’s a super simple way to get a good idea of how your team is feeling.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What this concept is
  • How to use it in your business
  • How this benefits your business and your team

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Episode Transcript

And. All right, welcome to another quick tip episode here on the podcast, my friend Rick Moretti here. This is the Art of Online Business podcast. And thank you, as always for tuning in today. Yes, I do have the raspy late night DJ voice go.

And today we have another cold here working the way through the mole ready family life of a toddler, right. Who goes to preschool. It’s like every few weeks there’s something new. But today, what I want to share in this quick tip, this is really kind of how I originally intended my quick tip episodes to be is just like one quick thing for you. Less than 10 minutes and you can go and start using it right away.

My quick Tip episodes, as I’ve talked about in the past, have been a little bit longer, but I still get amazing feedback from these quick tips so they’re not going anywhere. I just wanted to point out that this is going to be a seriously a quick, quick tip episode here today. And what I want to do is I want to share with you a simple little tactic that you can do using Slack or whatever team communication tool that you use with your team to get a sense of how they’re feeling about their workload. And this is not mine. Originally, I learned it from my really good friend and mentor and my coach, James Franco, from James Franco’s Shrimp Co’s. Been on the podcast here before, but I originally learned about this concept.

I want to say it was in his book, Work less, make more, but it could have been before that. So I think shrimp go is the is the reason for this. But anyway, it’s called red light, yellow light, green light. And no, this is not a an episode about squid game for those of you who had seen have seen squid game. But here’s what you do. All you have to do is set up an automated like slack bot, for example, that sends a simple message to your team. And I’m going to share this with how we do it in Slack in my team. So set up a simple Slack bot in in Slack and it asks the question, Are you red, Are you green or are you yellow today? Or you can say, Are you green or are you yellow or are you red today? And what each color means green light means, Hey, I’m good, I’m good, I’m good to go with my current

I can get I can take on more if you if, if there’s a need for it. Yellow means I’m good with my workload, but I can’t really take on any more right now. But things are okay. Red is. I am overloaded right now. I’m drowning. I need help. And that’s it. All all your team has to do is to reply with whatever color they are. Now, if they reply red, what you want them to do is kind of teach them like, All right, if they’re applying red, why are they replying red? What’s the reason for it? But this whole green light, yellow light, red light has been a complete game changer for me in my business and I’ve been using it now for several years, probably last five years now.

And it’s so easy and it’s just a it’s just a very quick way to get a daily pulse on the workload of your team and how your team is feeling now. If you do like a daily check in or something with your team and you know you’re checking in with them about what they have going that day, and at the end of the day, they’re checking back in with you. However you do that, I encourage you to incorporate this green light, yellow light, red light. Again, it’s super simple, but yet really, really effective to get a pulse on how your team is doing in terms of what they’re working on. Can they can they accept more work? If you have it, great. Then they’d be putting green down. If it’s yellow, you know they’re good, but they don’t want to, you know, they need to stay. Where they are right now in red is, you know, that is the that is the red flag right there. We need to dive in to help them with what is making them drown in the business in terms of the amount of work and how can you get them help.

Et cetera, etc.. So that is it, my friend. That is today’s quick tip. Green light, yellow light, red light. Nothing to do with squid games. We’re not hurting We’re not hurting anybody here. But super simple to set up in Slack set up a slack bot so that it’s all automated so that just get sent out every single day in a particular channel at a certain time. Teach your team how to do this and you will have instant insight into how your how your team is doing in terms of their workload. After you put this into play in your business, shoot me a DM over on Instagram and let me know how it’s going with I’m at. Rick Moretti over there on Instagram. And if you haven’t already, please leave a quick rating review for the show over on Apple Podcasts. It is still very helpful. We’ve been kind of stuck at the same number here for a long time, and I’m trying to get that number up to about 1000 and we’ve got it quite a bit, quite a few reviews to go, but we can totally do that. Or ratings, I should say. We can totally accomplish that and make sure you give a follow or subscribe to the podcast and whatever platform that you’re listening to so you don’t miss any episodes. And thank you, my friend, for listening. As always, I appreciate you. And until next time, be well, we’ll chat with you soon.

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