How to Grow and Engage a Facebook Group w/ Jamie Sears

I am excited to invite one of my Accelerator Mastermind students, Jamie Sears, back on the show for a second interview.  Jamie has an incredible business serving teachers in grades two through five and is now finding herself pivoting to provide assistance to teachers all over the country who are scrambling due to school closures.

Jamie manages four Facebook groups that have a total of 161,000 members, which makes it the largest educational community on Facebook! On today’s show, Jamie shares practical tips and experiments she has done to better understand and engage such a massive community. 

Her wit and genuine intention to provide value are really at the core of everything she does!  We will find out how Jamie is listening to her community and what she is doing to act quickly and serve them in the best way she can during this current crisis. 

We will discover how Jamie started with “crickets” in her group and now has a group with thousands of engagements a day.   We chat about easy ways to get engagement in your community and how looking at data can help you learn about the patterns of your audience to better serve them. 

Jamie breaks down seven types of posts that get the most engagement for her groups.   If you feel like your group could use a boost and is not as active as you would like, you are going to walk away from today’s episode with lots of ideas for creating an engaged Facebook group that helps you grow your business.  

I also wanted to let you all know of a new program I am offering.  It will be an 8-week group coaching program with a members-only Facebook group designed with you and your business right now in mind.  Topics will include productivity, managing your CEO mindset, creating a 90-day plan for business growth, how to pivot your messaging and offers fast, and how to create email copy that sells with service and love. 

In addition to myself teaching, you will also be learning from an amazing group of guest experts.  This is limited to the first 50 people who join, so if you are interested head over to to register. 

On Today’s Show You’ll Learn: 

  • How to use your Facebook group as a content resource 
  • The challenge of adapting and creating relevant content vs using what you already pre-planned 
  • Why you should be listening to your audience now more than ever
  • The importance of making money even when times are hard
  • How to create a ripple effect from your services
  • How to get out of panic mode to serve your audience
  • The importance of creating a work-life balance while working from home
  • Reasons you may want to break up your group into smaller ones to better serve a more niche audience 
  • The seven types of posts to get engagement in your group
  • How to use Facebook’s algorithm to your advantage
  • Things you can do to turn around negativity in your group
  • How to determine if you should have a Facebook group right now or not  

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