How to Use LinkedIn to Get Leads and Make Sales w/ Chase Gibson

Are you currently using LinkedIn for your online business? If not, my latest episode of the Art of Online Business podcast may just convince you that you need to start.

LinkedIn has traditionally been seen as a corporate-minded platform for sharing professional profiles and resumes with your network. However, it’s not just for resumes anymore.

My guest in this episode – Chase Gibson – is here to show you that there is a HUGE opportunity available to make money through LinkedIn for anyone with a strategy.

Chase is a successful entrepreneur in the fitness industry that has mastered the use of LinkedIn for his own business. He has now created an online course called “Lords of LinkedIn” where he teaches other established entrepreneurs how to use the platform to add at least an additional six figures of revenue in 90 days.

On Today’s Show You’ll Learn About: 

  • Who LinkedIn is for and not for
  • Why LinkedIn is the perfect platform for promoting high-ticket offers
  • The three most important elements of your profile
  • How LinkedIn has evolved over the years
  • Why the LinkedIn community respects marketers
  • How creating consistent content on LinkedIn sets you apart
  • The best type of content to create to get views
  • Why “playing by the rules” is important

As Chase shows us in this episode, most people still think of LinkedIn as just a resume platform. With a straightforward strategy, you can position yourself as the authority in your industry with your LinkedIn content.

I hope after you listen to this episode, you will feel compelled to develop a strategy and up your LinkedIn game for your online business.

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