[Case Study] Overcoming Obstacles to Her First ($30K) Course Launch

On today’s episode, I’m welcoming back a student of mine to the podcast. The last time Jennifer Myers was here, she was talking about how realtors can grow their business with Facebook and Instagram ads, but this time is different. We’re talking about how she took her business online and launched her very first online program, and what Jennifer had to get past to make it a success.

Paid traffic is important, but they’re just one piece of the puzzle in order to have a successful business, and as you’ll hear you need to have things like the right mindset, positioning and the ability to communicate your value proposition to get to that next level.

Once Jennifer had these things in place, she finally launched her online program for the first time and did $30,000, with an email list of just 350 people at that time.

Jennifer had a lot of mental blocks she had to overcome to take her business online though after building such a successful realty brokerage over the last number of years, which you’ll find out today.

This is a case study that so many of you are going to be able to relate to and benefit from. Jennifer is creating the type of business she wants to have, on her own terms, and transforming the lives of so many other real estate agents in the process!

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On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • The moment that first pushed Jennifer towards the life she really wanted to live and the steps she took to transition to an online business
  • How she was able to sell program at $5,000, and why having a small group of students register for the first launch has been a huge benefit to her
  • What struggles she faced in taking her business online, and what the process of creating and launching her first course looked like
  • One important thing she decided early on to get really intentional about
  • How Jennifer emailed a list she hadn’t reached out to in 6 months, and what her messaging and offer to them looked like
  • Who she attracted to purchase her first course and the changes she’s making next time to target a different audience

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Episode #214: How Realtors Can Grow Their Business with Facebook Ads

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