Live Webinar Launches: How to Avoid the Overwhelm

Are you overwhelmed by the to-do list that comes with live webinar launches? If you’ve ever done a webinar launch or maybe you’re thinking about doing one, you know there are a lot of moving pieces to pulling one off.  

 In today’s episode, I share with you how I prioritize what needs to happen and what is essential to a successful launch. I’ll also walk you through my rationale behind each decision and HOW to get each step completed.

Live webinar launches shouldn’t be overwhelming.  Let me share with you the system that I’ve been using and refining for over six years.

Simplifying and strategizing launches is one of the things I help people do inside of my Accelerator Mastermind program.  This program is intended for online experts like course creators, coaches or online educators. If you’re ready to push yourself to the next level, this program would be great for you!  To find out more head to

On Today’s Show You’ll Learn About: 

  • Understanding all the moving pieces involved in a live webinar launch
  • Prioritizing each step in the process 
  • Setting and achieving your webinar launch goals
  • Staying motivated instead of paralyzed by your to-do list
  • Creating a realistic timeline for starting your process
  • Finding team members and resources to help with your launch
  • The onboarding experience and why it’s important 
  • What you should look at during your post-launch review

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