Messenger Marketing in 2020 w/ ManyChat’s Mike Yan

Have you been wondering what the heck is going on with Facebook Messenger marketing? In the past, it was all the rage, and everyone seemed to be talking about it. Recently, Facebook made changes about what you can and can not send within Messenger. It’s been a huge source of confusion for people, myself included.  

Although I have seen a considerable downturn in the number of advertisers using Messenger, it can still be an effective marketing channel.  Today I will be sitting down with Mike Yan who is the CEO and co-founder of Many Chat to get his take on what to expect with messenger marketing in 2020. 

This episode will clear up a lot of questions that you have around Facebook Messenger marketing. Mike lays out a step-by-step plan of action that you can implement in your business and also breaks down the rules to provide clarity about the changes. He will reveal what the future holds for What’s App and Instagram, as well as what you should be doing now if you are ready to invest in Messenger for your business.  

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On Today’s Show You’ll Learn About: 

  • Why email is still an excellent channel for customer communication  
  • Maximizing customer communication within the 24-hour standard messaging window
  • Leveraging SMS to drive people back to Messenger
  • The 3 recent changes to Facebook Messenger you need to know about  
  • Taking advantage of Facebook Messenger’s one-time notification 
  • The importance of having independent access to your audience outside of Facebook 
  • The future of Instagram direct messages
  • Creating conversations through the combination of SMS and Messenger
  • The importance of consent in the relationships with your audience
  • The value of quality over quantity when it comes to conversations 

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