How She Did It: More Revenue, More Fun, Less Work w/ Joy Foster

Are you looking for more revenue, more fun and less work in your business? Are you working really long hours in your in-person business and seeing other areas of your life suffer as a result? Do you want to see higher levels of success without increasing the amount of time you work by going online? Then, my guest interview in this episode is perfect for you. Joy Foster is the founder of TechPixies – a UK-based business that helps women upskill with modern technology like social media, WordPress, and MailChimp so that they can confidently return to work, navigate a career change or build a business. She’s also one of my mastermind students, and I could not be more proud of what she’s accomplished. 

Joy is passionate about helping women earn what they want while doing what they love and learning new skills along the way. She spent the last year taking a face-to-face instruction model and transitioning it to an online course business. As a result of her hard work, her business won the 2020 Digital Course of the Year award from DigitalWomen Awards. 

Joy learned that it’s critical to show up consistently online to serve your audience and that it can be helpful to engage in new ways. She saw a huge jump in her following simply by repurposing her webinar content into a podcast. The tipping point in growing her online course launches came when she started creating her own Facebook ads.

If you’ve wondered what it’s like to be an online course creator and navigate a course launch with all its ups, downs, and tech issues, Joy gives us an honest look. She also shows how strategically outsourcing tasks in your business can lessen the load on your plate and help you to scale. 

On Today’s Show You’ll Learn About: 

  • Creating consistent revenue in your online business while working fewer hours
  • Successfully launching  using the Livestream launch formula 
  • Best practices for transitioning a face-to-face instruction method to an online digital course model
  • Engaging with your audience in new ways 
  • Effectively using Facebook Ads to grow your audience and promote your course launches
  • How to use podcasting to repurpose your content and grow your following 
  • Increasing prices for your online course 

As you can see, Joy has been on a journey of growth in her business over the past year. If you are ready to take a similar journey and are an online expert like Joy, then I’d love to serve you in my newly updated monthly Accelerator Mastermind program. The program is now open by application only at 

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