Multiple 6-Figure Coaching Business (in 12 Months) w/ Neill Williams

Could your business be running more efficiently? Could you be spending your time more productively?

This is exactly what Neill Williams specializes in. If there’s anyone I trust to teach us about time management and efficiency, it’s her.

We’re getting into how to be more productive and effective in your business. We talk about the funnel that Neill uses to get people into her group coaching program and how it has evolved. She is sharing a key discovery she has made as she’s been evolving her funnel over the past several months. She’s going to break down what she’s seen and how she used that data to improve the quality of the people that she attracts to her sales calls. We also talk about why she started a podcast and how podcasting can add value to your business.

Neill Williams is a certified Master Life and Productivity Coach through The Life Coach School.  She coaches busy, overwhelmed entrepreneurs to unbusy their lives by reducing their work weeks and get more done so they can enjoy the freedom of the entrepreneurial lifestyle. She is the creator of the Unbusy Your Life Podcast where, each week, she teaches scheduling tips, tools, and strategies as well as mindset hacks to get more done in less time.  Her group coaching program, The Productive and Peaceful Life teaches how to create your dream schedule, only work the number of hours you want, and build a work-life balance that you can navigate with ease.

On Today’s Show You’ll Learn: 

  • Why you shouldn’t focus on the time you’re spending, but on what you’re creating within that time
  • How to be intentional about scheduling time
  • How to make offers more efficiently
  • The ways that Neill’s webinar funnel has evolved
  • Neill’s multiple 6-figure coaching business
  • The process of creating a webinar that attracts the right people
  • Why you should be paying attention to patterns
  • The importance of quality leads over the quantity of leads
  • The benefits of podcasting

If you’re interested in learning more about optimizing your time and business, I encourage you to check out my newly rebuilt Foundations 2.0 Program. I’ve created this program to remove the guesswork of creating consistent $5,000 months in your online course business through personalized training, coaching and accountability. If you want to be the first to know when the program opens up, go to

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