Behind the Scenes: My Newly Redesigned with Elizabeth McCravy

Does your website represent who you are and your business well? It should!

I am joined by my website designer, Elizabeth McCravy, to talk all about my website! I wanted my website to be very simple and highly converting, and she did just that.

She is breaking down the principles and the lessons that we used in creating my site so that you can do the same thing.

Elizabeth McCravy is a Nashville-based website designer and business strategist. She creates personality-packed, engaging website templates for online business owners. Her goal is to make beautiful and strategic websites that turn viewers into raving clients. She is also the host of the Breakthrough Brand Podcast where she teaches entrepreneurs how to stand out online through tactical, honest business advice. 

Elizabeth is a Showit Design Partner, she is the current “Showiteer of the Year,” and has been recognized as a Top Designer by Showit.

On Today’s Show You’ll Learn: 

  • What a mockup is and why they are helpful
  • Where to look for colors and fonts
  • Identifying the goal of each page
  • The difference between ShowIt and WordPress
  • Why you should have multiple CTA options
  • What a brand statement is
  • How to get great photos for your website
  • Tips for designing sales pages

I am so glad that Elizabeth joined me for this episode because she is so good at what she does. I hope that you listened closely to what she had to say about the five things that every website needs because her advice is so helpful for any business owner or course creator!

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