[Case Study) How the Savannah Bananas Generated $22K On a FB Ad Spend of $720 (In 2 Days)

If you follow sports you may know that minor league baseball teams are marketing machines, which is why I think you can learn so much from this episode. My guest today is Jared Orton, who is the President of The Savannah Bananas, a team that is making baseball fun with their “Fans First, Entertain Always and All Inclusive” mentality.

You’re going to hear how Jared and the team are taking what’s considered “normal” in their industry and doing the exact opposite while seeing amazing results in the process. From a breakdancing first base coach, kilts as uniforms to a senior citizen dance team, I can guarantee you that you’ve never seen baseball quite like this before!

Jared shares how they had been marketing tickets year-round to promote their 30-game season in June through July, but recently used the psychological aspect of scarcity to run a Facebook ads campaign over 60 days to announce a waiting list for tickets.

On an ad spend of about $700, this campaign generated roughly $22,000 of ticket sales in just two days, and you’re going to hear how he did this…

Jared gives the details on the types of ads they ran, their messaging and which segments they targeted in the campaign. You’ll learn the funnel he used to re-qualify past customers, which ads performed well, what he plans to do differently next season to see even more success, and a whole lot more.

I was so impressed with what Jared and the Savannah Bananas are doing to promote their product, fix customer’s pain points and challenge the status quo of what baseball (and business) is supposed to look like, and I’m sure you will be too.

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On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • What group of consumers he is targeting and the reasons why (you may be surprised by his answer)
  • The exact email sequence he used for the 2,000 people that signed up for the waitlist
  • How he got a 65% open rate on the final email of the sequence and what he plans to do next time to make this number even higher
  • What their future video marketing strategy will look like and plans to build engagement audiences
  • Why the team doesn’t discount and what they do instead as they look to provide a positive experience for all customers
  • Where they come up with such unique ideas for promotions to run during the season

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