3 Mistakes to Avoid When Trying to Connect With Your Target Audience with Mel Abraham

I’m very excited today to be bringing you the first in-person podcast recorded here at the Team Mulready studio, with my guest being a very good friend of mine, Mel Abraham. In this episode, Mel and I will be talking about a topic that’s been touched on before on the podcast, but never to this extent. We’re are looking at discussing market sophistication and market saturation, and the need for us to all be aware that not every person in our target audiences is at the same place in his or her business journey.

Mel’s background is as a CPA, but as he says, he’s an “entrepreneur by exhilaration,” started his first business venture at the age of 11 years old doing magic shows for kids (and making $50 per half hour in the process)!

His mission now is to help others discover how to build their own expert business and become an authority brand and thought leader. In this episode, you’ll hear how he did this for himself as a CPA and set himself from his many competitors, which I thought was very relevant as the online space as well can be a very crowded niche.

Mel shares his expertise on thought leadership, and what really makes a leader. Regardless of where you are in your business though, there’s a need to have conversations with your audience where they are at, and Mel gives the framework for how we can do this, the right way, in this episode.

You’re going to hear his advice for someone just starting out with an online business, where a lot of us are going wrong, and what we should be appealing to in our audience and what to have in place of each level of market saturation.

When it comes to market sophistication, messaging is key and you absolutely need to know who you want to serve, and how to serve them one you’ve identified where they are at in their journey.

As Mel says, society is starved for a new way of thinking and doing things, but more importantly, they’re starved for hope. Your audience can see the possibilities for their future and where they want to be through you, and by positioning yourself the right way you will be able to help more people in the process.

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On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • What really makes us an “expert” – and why it’s not just about the amount of letters that come after our name
  • How to get through the imposter syndrome, or feeling that we aren’t the ones to be teaching other people our content
  • What “market saturation” means and the 5 levels of it that exist
  • The most powerful level of market saturation and how we can target his aspect of our clients in the most effective way
  • The power of visual learning tools and how to use them to speak directly to your ideal audience
  • Why being the loudest in your niche and “casting a wide net” isn’t the best way to market yourself, and what you should be focusing on instead
  • Where to find the right audience to speak your message to, and what to do once you locate them
  • The ways Mel does his targeting and tests his messaging to different parts of his audience
  • What I have done in the past to figure out why my clients have purchased products from me and what set me apart from others in my niche for them

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