Thinking Differently About Your Marketing Efforts, with India Jackson

Are you confident in your marketing efforts?

I am actually in the middle of working on mine, and I am getting help from my guest, India Jackson.

India is the business partner of Erica Courdae, my diversity, equality, and inclusion consultant, so she is helping me ensure that my branding and marketing efforts foster meaningful connections and inclusiveness.

Throughout this conversation, we get into the details of what stale marketing is, why less is more when it comes to your marketing, how to use stories in your business to set yourself apart, and a whole lot more.

India Jackson is the CEO of Flaunt Your Fire and co-founder of Pause on the Play The Community, helping entrepreneurs amplify their influence without changing who they are. From beauty model and bodybuilder to published photographer, for ten years India watched as talented professionals were forced to adopt identities that were sellable but not authentic. Her brand visibility agency and podcast now help clients ditch stale marketing, break out of industry molds, and build authority by being themselves.

India is a first-generation college graduate, earning a Bachelor of Art and Design while working full time and launching a business. She’s been featured by Forbes and She Podcasts Live and is trusted by leading brands across North America, including Christian Dior and Tyler J. McCall.

On Today’s Show You’ll Learn: 

  • What stale marketing is
  • Infusing your values in everything that you do as a company 
  • Creating an amazing experience as a brand
  • Building a bond that goes beyond what you sell
  • Doing things that align with you even with fear
  • Being intentional about what you want to share
  • How to align what you believe with what people perceive

Remember, attraction is not determined by the tactics or strategies that you use, but it is determined by how you share your purpose, your culture, and your values.

I challenge you to think about how you approach your marketing efforts, and I hope this episode points you in the right direction to be able to do so.

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