We Have a Choice On How We Respond w/ Mel Abraham

Today I have a longer episode for you instead of the shorter Quick Tip episode that usually publishes on Friday. I invited my close friend Mel Abraham onto the show to give his perspective on the current events that are happening, and what we can do as business owners to survive, and thrive, in these times. 

In this conversation, Mel and I cover a lot of topics, including what we both think of selling to your audience right now, the opportunities that exist for us entrepreneurs to help the economy, plus his tips for navigating your short-term finances, long-term planning, and much more. 

Remember, as I said in the last episode if you don’t know how to act or feel right now – it’s ok! You are not alone. 

If you have a topic that you’d like me to cover on the podcast, as always please reach out to me by direct message on Instagram, @rickmulready. 

On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • The pitfalls in trying to create someone else’s life and business
  • How to find the right message for your business right now
  • What doubts, fears and anxieties Mel has had recently, and how he reframed them into something positive
  • Why he feels that there is a “message inside the fear”
  • Mel’s best advice for short-term financial planning and long-term financial strategies in these turbulent times 

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