How to Use Challenges to Grow Your List & Make More Sales with Zach Spuckler

I’ve been talking about having today’s guest on the show for a long time now, so I’m very excited to welcome Zach Spuckler to The Art of Paid Traffic. When I think of challenges Zach is the person who comes to mind, and he’s here today to dive into the framework he has created that not only has worked for him but so many of his students.

Zach’s been doing challenges for a few years now, and a challenge actually gave him his first 6-figure launch, but you’ll hear how he started out online doing everything from paid surveys, to freelance writing, to direct sales and then running a food blog.

In this episode, you’re going to learn how this self-professed “marketing nerd” discovered Facebook ads management in 2015, and was then able to get a number of clients quickly. This led to the creation of his first online course around live streaming to help other marketers get clients, and since then he’s added a number of offerings along with his flagship challenge program.

Zach has a love of systems, marketing and making things simple. In fact, when I have questions around getting processes in place in my business, he’s the person I ask, and he’s brilliant when it comes to this stuff.

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On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • How Zach used live streaming to effectively get new clients, and the point in time in which he really knew that it was working for him
  • What a challenge is and the 3 things it can do for your business
  • The way he transitioned to doing challenges and how he tested different things to arrive at his framework.
  • What hasn’t worked for Zach when it comes to doing challenges
  • The challenge system he uses (from start to finish), including the 6 sales emails he recommends you use in your challenge funnel
  • How to use Facebook ads, blog posts and more to get people into your challenge
  • What niches challenges will, and won’t, work best for
  • Why it isn’t the best idea to give too much content away in your challenge
  • How to run evergreen your challenges and two warnings Zach has for people looking to automate them

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