21 Ways to Increase Your Webinar Show Up Rate

If you’ve ever done a webinar before, you know that one of the most frustrating things is when you do a whole bunch of work (or invest a lot of money) to get people registered only to have a small fraction of them actually show up.

This has happened to me a ton of times over the years, and it’s not uncommon (especially these days) to hear from students that they’re experiencing low show up rates too. And I’ve also learned and tested things you can do that can result in increased show up rates, which then often result in higher sales. After all, generally, people who show up live and ask questions tend to be more likely to purchase. 

So to help you increase your webinar show up rates, and hopefully increase your sales, I created this podcast episode for you where I take you through 21 different wants to increase your webinar show up rates (and a few bonus ones as well).

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Discussion Points:

0:00 Introduction 

4:30 Average show up rate

6:04 Add a testimonial below the registration button

7:26 Find a good length to your registration page

10:19 Test with different days and times

12:10 Do video-view ads

13:28 What to add in your Thank-You page

15:24 Ask for contact information (but make it optional)

18:41 Make the webinar mobile-friendly

19:30 Create an exclusive offer for live viewers

20:43 Embed a Messenger button

21:44 Add an option to add in their calendar

22:35 Time between registration and the actual webinar is important

24:17 Don’t offer a replay

25:12 Retarget registrants with ads

27:07 Lead up to the webinar with value-based emails

30:38 Use testimonials from previous attendees

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