Why More Isn’t Always Better

As course creators and online coaches, when we want to increase our profit or have a bigger impact, we often think that we have to add more or do more.  When in fact, the opposite is true. Yes, in order to grow in your business you need to become a different version of yourself that got your business to where it is today, be-ing and do-ing are completely different things. While it’s good to explore new ideas, sometimes you have to first look at what’s already in your business.

Speaking from my own experience and that of countless of my Accelerator coaching students, adding more or doing more is  not always what’s best for your business. Rather, look inside your existing business and look for areas that are already working and improve those. Get your flagship offer super dialed in before adding more programs or offers. In the case of getting your business to at least $500K in revenue, less is definitely more. 

In today’s episode,  I break down  a real-life example of one of my Accelerator coaching members and how simplifying, and not looking for “more”, has not only added top line revenue to her business but also reduced the number of hours she’s working each week. I’ll also share the steps that we took in order for us to refine their existing resources. 

With this episode, you can learn to identify what parts of your business that you should be focusing on and what you need to do in order to improve them.

Discussion Points:

0:00 Introduction 

3:04 Improve on your core offer

6:42 Identify and update the top selling offers in your business

7:54 Estimate how much time it takes to review each resource

9:40 Block out time in your calendar

13:02 Find out what you specifically need to update a resource

15:43 Who will be doing the updates?

18:30 If someone in your team can’t do it, create a job description

21:28 What does ‘done’ look like in your business?

Are you a course creator or online coach who is already averaging at least $7-8K in revenue per month from your online business and you’re ready to scale without all the hustle?

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If you’re feeling overwhelmed, doing all the things, want more revenue, impact, and profit with LESS hustle, Accelerator is for you. 


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