How He Did It: His First 6-Figure Launch, w/ Kerry Egeler

Do you ever hear about a 6-figure launch and wonder how in the world they pulled that off? Or how you could start making money like that?

We are lucky enough to have Kerry Egeler here today to tell us how he went from a live webinar launch with zero sales, to a 6-figure live webinar launch in just a few months. His secret? Learning from his mistakes and continuing to test new ideas. We’re discussing job security, the ups and downs of live webinar launches, mindset changes, and investing in yourself.

Kerry Egeler is an online entrepreneur and founder of Shirt School, an online course and community that helps online T-shirt and apparel sellers grow and scale their business.

On Today’s Show You’ll Learn: 

  • How you can be in control of your job security
  • The value in recognizing when something isn’t sustainable
  • How a shift in mindset can change everything
  • The power of confidence
  • How we learn and move on from our “failures”
  • What it looks like to take a live webinar launch to evergreen
  • How to make your live webinars as successful as possible
  • How Kerry improved a live webinar in just five hours
  • The value of looking at your numbers to make decisions about your business
  • Why investing in yourself is a game-changer

I love hearing from accelerator students and learning about the amazing things they are doing in their businesses. I am amazed how quickly Kerry learns and grows. It took me years to learn what he’s mastered in just a few months.

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