#151: Behind-the-Scenes of a 7-Figure Facebook Ads Campaign with Andrew Hubbard

On today’s episode of The Art of Paid Traffic, I’m pumped to be joined by Facebook ads manager Andrew Hubbard.

Andrew is one of my original students and now runs Facebook ads for some very successful online entrepreneurs.

One such client is my guest from last week’s episode, Melyssa Griffin, who shared how she’s created a 7-Figure Automated Webinar Funnel in 18 Months.

If you haven’t yet heard that episode, definitely check it out here.

You don’t have to listen to it before today’s episode, but it will definitely give you some context for my conversation with Andrew today.

We dive into how Andrew left his corporate job to start his Facebook ads business, what he initially charged (and how his pricing has evolved over the past couple of years) and how he niched down to find his ideal client to work with.

Then we dive into the specifics of how he runs the Facebook ads for Melyssa Griffin’s 7-figure automated webinar funnel.

In the episode, you’ll learn:

  • The technique Andrew used to land his first big clients
  • What mindset he always uses when determining his pricing
  • What types of images work the best for Andrew’s campaigns for Melyssa
  • Why he started with warm traffic for Melyssa Griffin’s campaigns, and the testing process that was used
  • Why Andrew is putting so much focus on video ads, and we talk about what  types of videos are working best for him, including what’s being said in those videos
  • Two challenges Andrew faced when scaling the ad spend
  • How he uses Conversion window to test and scale (you know, when Conversions is your Objective you can choose whether you want to optimize for like 1-day click or 7-day click…)
  • We dive into Andrew’s split testing strategy
  • A comparison on how mobile, desktop and Instagram ads are performing against each other for Melyssa Griffin’s campaigns
  • And a whole lot more…

It’s been really cool to see Andrew’s evolution as a Facebook ads manager, from taking my FB Ads For Newbies course years ago to where he is now.

Next week, Deacon Hayes of Well Kept Wallet visits the show to share how he’s using Facebook ads to amplify his content and generate affiliate income — including one recent campaign where he spent $8,500 and did $21,000 in revenue.

Episode Timestamps

How Andrew started his career with ad management (3:20 – 6:35)
What Andrew was doing before he started managing ads (6:36 – 10:00)
Andrew discusses pricing with clients (10:01 – 13:50)
How Andrew helped Melyssa on her campaign (13:51 – 18:10)
How many images Andrew was using (18:11 – 19:00)
Andrew’s view on ad sets (19:01 – 19:30)
How Andrew worked his audiences (19:31 – 20:37)
How and when Andrew evolved Melyssa’s funnel (20:38 – 21:55)
Cost per lead or cost per sale (21:56 – 22:30)
Scaling up ads without ruining the results (22:31 – 26:35)
How Andrew uses data in making decision on ads (26:36 – 27:30)
What types of images work best (27:31 – 32:10)
Andrew discussing the stats (32:11 – )

Links & Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Visit Andrew’s website: AndrewHubbard.co

Click here to get Andrew’s 60 Second Facebook Video Ad Formula

Examples of Melyssa’s ads:
Ad 1
Ad 2
Ad 3

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