#150: [Case Study] 7-Figure Automated Webinar Funnel in 18 Months with Melyssa Griffin

Super pumped to welcome my friend Melyssa Griffin to the podcast today, where we’re talking all about how she’s created a 7-figure automated webinar funnel in just 18 months.

Melyssa is a super-successful entrepreneur who’s teaching others how to grow their audience and monetize their passions, but she’s a lot more than that…

I can honestly say after getting to know her that she’s one of the nicest and most genuine people out there.

Today she takes us behind-the-scenes of her automated funnel including how it’s become the foundation for the rest of her business, giving her freedom to launch other projects she’s passionate about like a membership site and new podcast.

You’ll hear the mistakes she made with her first automated webinar, how she figured out why it wasn’t working and the adjustments she made to correct them.

She also discusses the different offers she makes on her webinars versus the ones that are always available for purchase on her website…

On the Show Today You’ll Also Learn:

  • How Melyssa started her business “accidentally” – feeling like she got sucked into the possibilities available in the online world
  • The ways she initially drove people to her blog, and the role SEO played
  • What she considers to be the true turning point in her business
  • Why Melyssa thinks her strategy worked so well for her – while many people are trying something similar and not getting these type of results
  • How she Differentiates the offers that she makes on her webinar vs the offer that is always available
  • How much revenue monthly Melyssa is generating from her FB ads, and what she’s spending on ads to achieve this
  • What she covers in her funnel emails
  • How long her webinar funnel is (considering how crazy successful she has been, this may surprise you)
  • And a whole lot more…

Coming up in next week’s episode, Andrew Hubbard, who runs Melyssa’s Facebook ad campaigns, will be joining me to dive into how he’s getting such good results with this automated webinar funnel.

Episode Timestamps

How and why Melyssa started her online business (0:00 – 4:25)
How she built her audience for her blog (4:26 – 5:28)
When and why Melyssa’s business started to take off (6:01 – 7:14)
How and why Melyssa started her Pinterest course (7:15 – 10:30)
Working other webinars (10:31 – 12:39)
Why Melyssa’s sales funnel didn’t work and what she did to fix it (12:40 – 14:15)
How did Melyssa drive traffic to her funnel (14:16 – 16:00)
What steps did Melyssa take to put together her funnel (16:01 – 17:03)
How Melyssa drove traffic to her webinar (17:04 – 17:50)
How Melyssa builds her list (17:51 – 18:17)
What Melyssa’s funnel currently looks like (18:41 – 21: 10)
Melyssa’s Facebook ad strategy (21:49 – 23:00)
Melyssa’s thoughts on why she thinks her sales funnel is working so well (23:01 – 25:51)
Melyssa’s Facebook ad spend (25:52 – 27:20)
How the sales funnel supports the rest of Melyssa’s business (29:24 – 31:41)
How Melyssa creates all the email copy for the sales funnel (32:48 – 34:15)
Melyssa’s thoughts on how long the sales funnel should be (34:16 – 36:16)

Links & Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Check out Melyssa’s website: MelyssaGriffin.com

Check out Melyssa’s podcast: PursuitWithPurpose.com

Learn more about Andrew Hubbard: AndrewHubbard.co


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