Bracing for Impact with Ashley Shaw

What does it mean to you to brace for impact?

For Ashley Shaw, former Accelerator coaching member and my guest in this episode, it means preparing for drastic changes in life and in business. For example, Ashley just had a baby, so there were so many things that changed in her life recently!

We are getting into the details of this by talking about how this affects different things in life and in business and what to do about it!

Ashley Shaw teaches entrepreneurs how to grow their business through their marketing efforts while seriously taking down their overwhelm. That is kind of her sweet spot. She’s worked in the fitness industry for the past 16-years starting with the largest fitness companies in Canada and a few “ma and pa” shops in between. Her mission is to help eliminate the overwhelm through DFY (done for you) marketing templates so her clients can build the authentic business of their dreams.

Since becoming a mom, Ashley has been running her seven-figure business all while only working for four hours per day. So much of that can be contributed to bracing for impact.

On Today’s Show You’ll Learn: 

  • Important shifts that lead to exponential growth
  • The benefit of hiring a coach to better understand your direction
  • Having the confidence to move forward
  • Hiring for roles to help gain traction
  • Understanding your own desire zone
  • Not basing your worth on your business
  • Why you need to be clear on your offer
  • The benefit of a sales and marketing scorecard
  • Lessons that come out of bracing for impact

I hope you get so much value out of this conversation and learn why it is so beneficial to intentionally brace for impact just like Ashley did.

If you loved this episode, don’t forget to go back and listen to episode 272 where Ashley and I talked about how she went from making $10K/month to $30K/month in 5 months. You can find it linked below!

If you’re an online course creator or an online coach experiencing some of the same things as Ashley, I want to invite you to apply for my Accelerator Coaching Program. This is for those of you that already have some success but want to scale and optimize toward seven figures or more while working less. You can apply at!

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