Quick Tip: Are You Making This Facebook Ads Targeting Mistake?

I am back with another quick tip episode. These episodes have tips or strategies you can use to help you grow your online business so you can have a bigger impact and increase your revenue in the process.

You need to hear about this super common Facebook ads targeting mistake…

If you’re making this mistake right now, your costs are higher and you’re not attracting the people that you actually want to be attracting with your ads. I know this for a fact!

In this quick tip episode, I am sharing with you what you need to do to ensure that you’re not making this common Facebook ads mistake!

This mistake is often overlooked. It’s a big reason why you might be getting good results with your ads, but you’re not necessarily attracting the perfect customer. One of our Accelerator coaching members found themselves in this exact situation, so you’re not alone!

The most important thing to remember when running Facebook ads is that you need to speak to the people that you want to be attracting within the target audience that you are targeting.

If you have questions about this or want to talk to me about your results, feel free to reach out to me by sending me a DM on Instagram @rickmulready.

I also want to invite you to apply for my accelerator coaching program. My team, community and I will help you take your business to the next level without working harder or longer. This is for those of you that are already making $7-8k per month in revenue! If that sounds like you, we are accepting applications for my 12-month program at rickmulready.com/accelerator!

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