#133: Case Study: How a Veterinarian Has Created a Thriving Online Business with FB Ads

If you’ve ever wondered how you can create a thriving online business while having a full-time job…

Or, if you’ve wanted to take an in-person business that “relies on you” and scale it online…

This episode is for you.

On the show today, veterinarian Dr. Brett Beckman, who specializes in veterinary dentistry, joins me to share how he has used Facebook ads to create a thriving online business.

In addition to his in-person practices, Dr. Beckman sells online training courses for veterinarians, has a membership site and offers live events.

And the business is driven by Facebook ads to webinars (both live and evergreen) as well as to free content.

Since starting the online portion of his business almost by accident back in 2013, he’s been 4X’ing his online revenue every year since.

On today’s episode, we dive into everything he’s doing and break it all down for you — his Facebook ads, his online programs, the strategy behind what he does, and more.

For me, most importantly, I really want you to pay attention to how Brett is playing the long game of his Facebook ads and paid traffic…

How he focuses first on providing value so that he can build relationships with other veterinarians around the world so that when they’re ready for more training, they’ll turn to him.

On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • How Brett started off in May 2013 with 800 emails in his Constant Contact account and decided to test selling his first course for just $59. He went on to do $22K the rest of that year.
  • We get into how Brett started 4X’ing his revenue each year since
  • We break down all of his courses, and the journey he wants new leads coming into his business to take
  • Why losing money sometimes on the front end of his paid traffic is ok with him
  • How Brett is a master of repurposing content so he can build trust with his target audience
  • What Brett’s super power is, in my opinion anyway, that has allowed him to be so successful
  • What his team looks like
  • And a whole lot more…

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Links & Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Connect with Brett: veterinarydentistry.net and Facebook.com/veterinarydentistry

Our recommended social media scheduling software: meetedgar.com

Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income Podcast

EoFire Podcast with John Lee Dumas

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FBA Live

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