[Case Study] How a Beta Course Launch Earned $16k Without a Sales Page with Chanti Zakariasen

How a Beta Course Launch Earned $16k Without a Sales Page with Chanti Zakariasen”]

On today’s show, I wanted to share an inspiring case study with an amazing copywriter who’s appeared on the podcast before, Chanti Zakariasen (or Chanti Zak as she’s known)! Last time Chanti was here we talked about how to use quizzes and Facebook ads to get quality leads to grow your business, and it has been one of the most talked about episodes we’ve aired to date.

In a very short time, Chanti has positioned herself as the go-to copywriter for creating quizzes that convert, and she’s helped create a quiz for our business, Become a Facebook Ads Superhero (which you can find on our website).

Chanti has created quizzes for many top online entrepreneurs, and because of how quickly she’s grown, the demand for her time and expertise has skyrocketed. For this reason, she’s decided to create an online course teaching people how to grow their businesses with quizzes, which she talks about here in this episode.

She generated $16,000 in the beta version of her new program, and what surprised me the most was that she was selling it for $2,000. I wanted Chanti to come on and share how she did it, and even though she says it was “messy and imperfect”, you’ll hear how you really don’t need all the bells and whistles to have a successful beta launch of your online program.

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On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • What Chanti’s beta program included and what gave her the confidence to offer her services to online influencers
  • How she created the beta program and why she felt she didn’t need the whole course created beforehand
  • The way Chanti used a relatively small email list to sell the program and how she was able to sell the value to her customers
  • Why she decided on $2,000 for a beta price and the reasons she used a sales call to sell spots in the beta (even as a copywriter)!
  • Some doubts and hesitations she faced when deciding to launch a beta program teaching others how to use quizzes in their businesses
  • How Chanti was able to determine she was indeed the person to be teaching this material and what stepping into the teacher role looked like for her
  • What she will do differently in the next launch and her plans for repurposing the content she uses in the beta
  • The secrets behind how Chanti’s been able to rise to the top of her niche in a short amount of time

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Beyond BuzzFeed: How I used quizzes to generate 10,000+ qualified leads *her guest post on Copy Hackers

#168: How to Use Quizzes + Facebook Ads to Get Quality Leads with Chanti Zakariasen

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