5 Proven Growth Strategies You Can Do TODAY to Grow Your Business

I’ve gotten to know today’s guest David Kelly over the past year or so, as he lives here in San Diego (when he’s not traveling, which he does often)! David is the General Manager of KingSumo, the 7-figure SaaS business started by Noah Kagan, who has also appeared on this podcast, and we get into some really cool stuff in this episode.

You’re going to hear how this conversation is like one that two friends sitting down for coffee would have. David’s got a great background in paid and organic marketing, and he talks about how he’s used both in his career in a number of different roles with top marketers and companies, including doing copywriting for Ramit Sethi. He also shares his 5 growth strategies (along with his can’t miss “Pro Tips” for each), and how you can start implementing them in your business today to see results, along with so much more.

Not everything David has tried has worked, but he’s someone who uses a new strategy, measures the key metrics, and keeps on testing and tweaking for effectiveness. What he talks about today aren’t just theories; they have been well tested and they work, and not to mention, they are super actionable strategies that cost nothing, or very little, to use.

Stay tuned until the end of the episode and you’ll also hear a very special prize announcement from David that you are not going to want to miss!

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On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • How KingSumo started out of a personal need for running viral giveaways
  • What David’s framework for testing looks like and why he likes using one month as a timeframe for new strategies
  • Which metrics are measured and looked at to determine if the strategy is working
  • The advantages of getting into a marketing channel early
  • 3 steps David takes to use YouTube to leverage their competitors
  • How he measures the quality of traffic coming in from YouTube
  • The strategy David uses to generate $1 cold leads, with no retargeting
  • Why giveaways are a great way to grow a business, even for companies with a small marketing budget
  • What David is doing on LinkedIn to get 3-10x the number of clicks as Twitter, all organically and with half the number of followers
  • How they decide where to focus their attention and why they’re able to do such a good job with this

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Instagram.com/RickMulready – direct message for info on the Accelerator Group Coaching Program








#160: How to Create a Simple Marketing Plan that Actually Works with Noah Kagan





Email david@kingsumo.com for his WordPress Plugin Content Blocker



*Try any of the strategies in today\’s episode and email david@kingsumo.com a screenshot, letting him know how it worked. He’ll choose one person at random over the next few weeks to win a year of KingSumo Pro (value of $200-$300) and one free hour of David’s consulting.

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