Why Mindset and Hard Work Won’t Get You the Results You Want In Your Business (And What Actually Can)

Today I’m welcoming back Jim Fortin to the podcast, and like last time, we cover so much in this episode. I received a lot of feedback on the last show with Jim, titled How to Ethically Use Subconscious Selling to Improve Your Marketing and Sales, and today I wanted to take the next step in that conversation.

You’ll hear us talk about the reasons why hard work won’t necessarily give you the results you’re looking for in your business. We also look at how we’re all affected by our habits, and where the results we see really come from.

I’ve been working with Jim for most of this year, and it’s been hugely transformational for myself and my business. In this episode, we discuss how control is really an illusion and the ways it was holding me back in my business, and we also share something that has been another huge gamechanger for me and can be for you too.

This is definitely one of those episodes to go back and listen to a couple of times to really grasp the wisdom that Jim is sharing. I’m hosting a live training with Jim on Thursday, September 13th at 11:30 AM PST called Why Mindset and Hard Work Won’t Get You the Results You Want In Your Business (And What Actually Can), and you can register now at https://theartofonlinebusiness.com/transformation.

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On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • Why Jim enjoys the transformational work even more than the influence work that he does
  • How what he teaches can help us grow our businesses
  • The important role of habits, and the way he helped me greatly reduce one particular habit that I previously had
  • How your commitment and self-integrity will relate to the success you see (or don’t see) in business
  • Why we should be working from a place of possibility and not past circumstances

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