#189: (Case Study) How to Use Challenges + FB Ads to Grow Your List & Make More Sales with Devani Freeman

On the show today I’m joined by Devani Freeman who runs a social media marketing business here in San Diego called Heart Centered Social where she works with both online and local businesses.

A big part of her business is managing FB ads for businesses and one area where she’s found a lot of success is using Facebook ads to drive into a  5-day challenge.

And I asked her to come onto the show to share some case studies of challenges she’s run for her own business as well as those of her clients.

I really like the strategy that Devani uses, because it’s a pretty straightforward one that anyone can use, and best of all, a large ad budget isn’t needed.

On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • How Devani generated $57K by using a challenge that had just 500 people in it.
  • How she uses challenges to sell high-ticket programs
  • What every challenge needs in order to give it a chance to be successful
  • What she noticed about the quality of leads when people went through her 4-week mini-course first
  • She shares a case study of a client who had a $100K month by running a challenge to cold traffic
  • We talk about Devani’s strategy for making compelling Facebook video ads
  • How to use a Facebook group in your challenge strategy
  • Why you don’t need to have a huge audience going through your challenge in order to see success.
  • And more today…

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